Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer? Co-op mode details

Open world in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft players around the world are ready to win the war against piglins in Minecraft Legends. While the hype around the story campaign is increasing steadily, here’s everything to know about the game’s multiplayer and co-op modes.

The story-telling in Minecraft and Minecraft Legends is quite different, to say the least. In the sandbox game, you make your own story, and defeating the Wither and Ender Dragon is not even necessary because there’s no objective way to beat it.

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On the flip side, Minecraft Legends has a fully-fledged story campaign involving mobs of the Overworld, piglins, and several NPCs. In this action role-playing adventure, you’ll be tasked to unite the mobs and win the war against piglins.

If you’re someone who’s more curious about the multiplayer aspects, here’s everything to know about the multiplayer game modes and co-operative world features in Minecraft Legends.

Fortress in Minecraft LegendsYou can enter the world of other players in Minecraft Legends.

Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer?

Yes, Minecraft Legends has a multiplayer mode in which two teams of four players compete to destroy each other’s base.

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Both teams are required to collect resources and build defensive and offensive structures. Strategy-building is a huge component of these matches as players will have to take up designated roles for the best results.

All players spawn on an AI-generated map full of trees and other sources of material. Different biomes have different resources so you’ll have to plan your map exploration too.

Clearly, the multiplayer mode in Minecraft Legends is something we’ve never seen before in the franchise. If you’re planning to play the game with your friends, you should also learn about Minecraft Legends’ crossplay status.

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Minecraft Legends characters on mountsTeams of four players take part in Minecraft Legends’ multi-player.

Does Minecraft Legends support co-op?

Yes, Minecraft Legends has a drop-in-drop-out co-op system that’s already prevalent in some games like Minecraft Dungeons and Genshin Impact. This allows your in-game friends and other players to hop inside your Overworld and make structures.

The inclusion of co-op in Minecraft Legends will be a sigh of relief for many players who don’t want to face the piglins alone.

To help your minions and mobs access different regions with valuable resources, you have to build bridges and other structures. Getting help from friends in such grueling tasks can help you save time and progress through the story more conveniently.

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All in all, Minecraft Legends will be a game that you can play alone but features like multiplayer and a co-op world will ensure that you always have something new to try out.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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