All piglin enemies in Minecraft Legends: Bosses and troops list

Piglin holding a torch in Minecraft

Minecraft Legends has friendly mobs but it also introduced a ton of new piglin enemies that have never appeared in other games. To help you strategize well, here’s a list of all piglin enemies in Minecraft Legends such as The Devourer, Mace Runt, and more.

Minecraft Legends is all about the war between the piglins from the Nether and the mobs in the Overworld. You, as the hero of the Overworld, are expected to unite all mobs and build an army that can survive the invasion.

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What makes the campaign in Minecraft Legends so enjoyable is the different enemy types. Taking on a new piglin troop or boss brings new challenges, and constantly developing fresh strategies is your safest bet.

On that note, here’s a list of all the piglin enemies and bosses currently available in Minecraft Legends.

A piglin boss coming from the Nether in MinecraftThe Firsts are the strongest mobs that you can use to defeat piglins.

All piglin troops in Minecraft Legends

Here’s a list of all the piglin troops in Minecraft Legends and their unique abilities:

  • Blaze Runt – Common enemies that deal ranged damage by throwing blaze rods as spears.
  • Brute – An elite troop that deals massive close-range damage with a quick whirlwind attack.
  • Lava Launcher – A common troop found in the Overworld. It is basically a warboar that deals long-range damage to structures.
  • Mace Runt – Weakest piglins in the game that can only trouble you in hordes at close range.
  • Piglin Builder – They build all the piglin structures you see and if they aren’t killed, they start re-building the base.
  • Pigmadilo – Elite units that act like armored wrecking balls bowling through enemies and structures. Only your army can deal damage to them.
  • Portal Guard – Large variant of the Brute troops that guard portals.
  • Spore Medic – Low-ranking units that heal other piglins. It would be best if you took them out as quickly as possible while invading a piglin base.
  • Seeker – Low-ranking units that throw explosive mushrooms.
  • Sporeback – Elite troops that throw mushrooms to leave enemies stuck to the ground, making them defenseless against other piglins.
  • Warboar – Fast low-ranking troops that can knock down enemies with a charging attack.
Horde of piglins in Minecraft LegendsA lot of piglin enemies only take damage from your army in Minecraft Legends.

All piglin bosses in Minecraft Legends

Here’s a list of all piglin bosses in Minecraft Legends and their abilities:

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  • Great Hog – The final boss in Minecraft Legends with a ring of fire attack, a spinning attack, a swing attack, a spear attack, and a staff attack.
  • The Beast – Leader of the Horde of the Hunt.
  • The Devourer – Leader of the Horde of the Spore.
  • The Unbreakable – Leader of the Horde of the Bastion.

There are three types of hordes in Minecraft Legends (Hunt, Spore, and Bastian). Each horde has the same low-ranking units and one elite unit such as the Brute and Pigmadilo. By clearing all major hordes of a type, you get access to its bosses like The Beast or The Devourer.

Defeating all three horde bosses will let you take on the Great Hog who is the final piglin boss in Minecraft Legends.

We hope this guide helped you get familiar with the piglin enemies and bosses in Minecraft Legends. For similar content, you can check out:

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