Is Minecraft Legends crossplay? PC, Xbox, PlayStation & Switch cross-platform details

Minecraft Legends official art work

Minecraft Legends has a story mode but you can enjoy multiplayer battles with friends as well. Considering the game is releasing on many platforms, read to know if Minecraft Legends allows PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch players to team up with crossplay.

Over the years, Minecraft’s multiplayer modes have gained tremendous popularity as players love being creative together. From prison servers to role-playing worlds, the possibilities in Minecraft multiplayer are literally endless.

Minecraft Legends is Mojang’s next big project and it will let players be a part of a legend that turned the Overworld into a war base from a peaceful little world. While there is an extensive story campaign, the game also has a multiplayer mode that players will access from different platforms worldwide.

Read to know if Minecraft Legends has crossplay that helps players on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch play together.

A Nether portal in Minecraft LegendsMinecraft Legends will introduce new mobs such as regal tigers and golems.

Does Minecraft Legends support crossplay?

Yes, Minecraft Legends has crossplay meaning that PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch players can team up and battle against each other.

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In today’s world, crossplay has become a basic feature for multiplayer games, and Minecraft Legends devs certainly realize this. Crossplay has worked like a charm in Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, and fans expect the same from the latest game in the series.

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How does multiplayer work in Minecraft Legends

The multiplayer mode in Minecraft Legends is quite different from sandbox Minecraft as well as the game’s own story mode. Two teams of four players compete in a battle where the team that breaks the opponent’s base first emerges victorious.

Minecraft Legends characters on mountsThe Well of Fate in Minecraft Legends will be like your home.

Minecraft Legends has crafting mechanics but resource collection and exploration are more important than building things. This applies to the PvP mode too because you and your teammates must acquire resources and then make defensive and offensive structures.

Minecraft Legends also has a cooperative world feature like Genshin Impact in which other players can enter your world and help with building structures, collecting items, and several other tasks.

Well, this was everything to know about crossplay in Minecraft Legends on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Until the action RPG hits the stores, you can also check out these Minecraft crafting guides for a compostera booka mapBlast Furnacespyglassfireworkscakeboat, and TN

Image Credits: Mojang

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