Is Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform? PC, Xbox, PlayStation, & Switch crossplay status

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Cross-platform is one of the most sought-after features in multiplayer games nowadays. Here’s everything you need to know about the state of cross-platform in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is the dungeon crawler variant of the original sandbox game, and playing it with your friends can be a delightful experience. The visuals and music are fresh and the goal is to find treasures, take on bosses, and deal with traps.

Luckily, Minecraft Dungeons has received multiple cross-platform updates, and here’s how it works.

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Does Minecraft Dungeons support cross-platform?

Yes, Minecraft Dungeons supports cross-platform play. In simple words, you can play with your friends regardless of platform and a party can consist of PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch players.

You can enjoy crossplay on Minecraft Dungeons only if:

  • Your game is updated to version or later.
  • Your Microsoft account is linked with your Nintendo Switch/PlayStation account.

Playing with more players is undoubtedly a fun idea, but it increases the difficulty of the quest. You can also opt to start the game alone as more players can join it in between.

How to enable cross-platform in Minecraft Dungeons on PlayStation

PlayStation users can follow these steps to make sure that their copy of Minecraft Dungeons supports cross-platform play:

  • Launch Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Open the Game Settings.
  • Search for Configure Online Play and enable the option.

It is worth noting that on PC and Xbox, the cross-platform play settings are enabled by default.

A Minecraft village with villagers and creepers

Does Minecraft Dungeons support cross-platform saves?

Yes, Minecraft Dungeons supports cross-platform saves. This means that you can progress from different platforms without losing any progress. For instance, a file saved on a PC can be loaded on a PlayStation or Xbox.

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The Switch Hero menu in Minecraft Dungeons now has Upload and Download options that allow you to access your hero from the cloud. You must sign in with your Microsoft account to use this feature.

Well, that’s all you need to know about cross-platform in Minecraft Dungeons and how to enable it. For more, check out our guides on how to make beds in Minecraft and how to teleport in Minecraft.

Image Credits: Mojang Studios

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