How to find amethyst in Minecraft

Aakrit Sharma
Amethyst geode in Minecraft

Amethyst in Minecraft is largely used for decoration and crafting spyglasses. Here’s a guide to finding amethyst geodes in Minecraft and making your world more vibrant.

From buckets to beds, every item in Minecraft serves a unique purpose. Moreover, there is a wide range of building materials that are different in terms of color, texture, and durability.

Amethyst is a decorative block in Minecraft that you can also use to craft tainted glass and spyglasses. Even though this item won’t help you in defeating the toughest enemies, builders have always appreciated its existence.

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Here’s how you can easily get amethyst in Minecraft.

An amethyst geode in Minecraft

How to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft

Amethyst geodes, the only source of amethyst items in Minecraft, spawn between Y=-64 and Y=30 coordinates and ocean beds. Hence, it is best if players turn on coordinates and do not search for the geode at the wrong place.

You must go inside underground caves to find an amethyst geode. The first step is to find Smooth Basalt as it is the first layer that protects the geode. If you encounter calcite after smooth basalt, it means that you’ve reached an amethyst geode.

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Amethyst geodes also spawn in ocean beds and players have had a lot of success finding them there.

You can identify an amethyst geode in the game with these characteristics:

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  • An amethyst geode is surrounded by layers of smooth basalt and calcite. Smooth basalt forms the outer layer while calcite forms the inner layer.
  • Basalt blocks are black and have a unique texture. Calcite blocks are white and are found between the basalt layer and the amethyst geode.
  • An amethyst geode is full of amethyst blocks that are purple. When players step on these blocks, they create a musical sound.
An amethyst geode in Minecraft with smooth basalt and calcite layers

How to mine amethyst in Minecraft

An amethyst geode in Minecraft has the following items:

  • Amethyst blocks
  • Budding amethyst blocks
  • Amethyst clusters

You can directly get amethyst blocks by mining them with a pickaxe. They won’t drop anything if you use another tool for mining.

Budding amethyst blocks have a creeper face or an X sign over them. You cannot use any tool or enchantment to mine them. These blocks represent a growing amethyst block and go through four stages to finally become available for mining.

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Budding amethyst blocks turn into amethyst clusters at the fourth stage. When mined with a pickaxe, these clusters drop four amethyst shards and two shards if mined with anything else. You can use four shards to create an amethyst block.

To make an amethyst block, just place two amethyst shards on any row of the crafting table and two shards below or above it like this:

Crafting recipe for amethyst block in Minecraft

Finding amethyst in Minecraft is all about luck and smart navigation. Turning on your coordinates will always help in easing the process, and make sure that you look for it in the ocean or underground.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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