Suspicious sand in Minecraft: How to use, loot, find, more

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A player breaking suspicious sand blocks in Minecraft.

Suspicious sand is a unique Minecraft block that is a major component of the archaeology mechanic introduced in the 1.20 Trails and Tales update. Here’s everything you need to know about suspicious sand in Minecraft.

Suspicious sand is the lifeblood of the archaeology mechanic in Minecraft. Added to the game with Minecraft 1.20, it is similar to sand but can be used as part of archaeology to discover unique items like Sniffer eggs or simply for the thrill of excavation. Just like regular sand, the block is quite susceptible to gravity and immediately falls if moved or interacted with.

Along with suspicious gravel, suspicious sand is a great block that players can extract loot from. While many players might not turn to archaeology and end up missing out on what the block has to offer, others let their curiosity drive them, leading to the discovery of new items.

Here’s how you can use suspicious sand and gravel in Minecraft.

Suspicious sand and gravel with signs identifying them in Minecraft.
Suspicious sand and suspicious gravel are two sides of a coin in Minecraft.

How to find suspicious sand in Minecraft

Suspicious sand is often found under desert temples or desert wells in Minecraft, which makes them pretty uncommon. They can also be found inside warm ocean ruins. While desert temples can be hard to find due to their rare spawning, the barren and plain terrain within a desert biome is sure to help players crank up their settings and find one by increasing the render distance setting of their game.

As for suspicious gravel, players can find these blocks inside cold ocean ruins as well as the fascinating trail ruins structure in Minecraft.

How to use suspicious sand in Minecraft

Suspicious sand can be brushed to reveal rare and unique loot in Minecraft. This is done using the brush tool, with players gently clearing layers of the suspicious sand block to reveal the loot. You must be sure to brush gently, as brushing at a fast pace can lead to damaging or losing the loot entirely.

Suspicious sand in a desert temple in Minecraft.
Desert temples are great places to search for suspicious sand.

List of items to loot from suspicious sand in Minecraft

While suspicious sand and gravel in Minecraft are two sides of a coin, the loot players can find within each differs.

Suspicious sand loot in a Desert Pyramid:

  • Emeralds
  • Gunpowder
  • Archer Pottery Sherds
  • Miner Pottery Sherds
  • Prize Pottery Sherds
  • Skull Pottery Sherds
  • TNT Blocks
  • Diamonds

Suspicious sand loot in a Desert Well:

  • Arms Up Pottery Sherds
  • Brewer Pottery Sherds
  • Bricks
  • Emeralds
  • Sticks
  • Suspicious Stew

Suspicious sand loot in a Warm Ocean Ruin:

  • Coal
  • Emeralds
  • Wheat
  • Wooden Hoes
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Angler Pottery Sherds
  • Shelter Pottery Sherds
  • Snort Pottery Sherds
  • Sniffer Eggs
  • Iron Axe

Suspicious gravel loot in Cold Ocean Ruins:

  • Coal
  • Emeralds
  • Wheat
  • Wooden Hoes
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Blade Pottery Sherds
  • Explorer Pottery Sherds
  • Mourner Pottery Sherds
  • Plenty Pottery Sherds
  • Iron Axes

Aside from the biome-specific loot mentioned above, each suspicious gravel block inside Trail Ruins has a chance to drop an item from one of two loot tables. Here’s every item from each Trail Ruin suspicious gravel loot table:

Comparing regular and suspicious sand in Minecraft.
Minecraft’s suspicious sand can be a little hard to identify at first.

Suspicious gravel loot for Trail Ruins (Common)

  • Blue Dye
  • Bricks
  • Brown Candles
  • Emeralds
  • Green Candles
  • Light Blue Dye
  • Orange Dye
  • Purple Candles
  • Red Candles
  • Wheat
  • White Dye
  • Wooden Hoes
  • Yellow Dye
  • Beetroot Seeds
  • Blue Stained Glass Panes
  • Coal
  • Dead Bushes
  • Flower Pots
  • Leads
  • Light Blue Stained Glass Panes
  • Magenta Stained Glass Panes
  • Oak Hanging Signs
  • Pink Stained Glass Panes
  • Purple Stained Glass Panes
  • Red Stained Glass Panes
  • Spruce Hanging Signs
  • String
  • Wheat Seeds
  • Yellow Stained Glass Panes
  • Gold Nuggets

Suspicious gravel loot for Trail Ruins (Rare)

  • Burn Pottery Sherds
  • Danger Pottery Sherds
  • Relic Music Discs
  • Friend Pottery Shards
  • Heart Pottery Sherds
  • Heartbreak Pottery Sherds
  • Host Armor Trim Smithing Templates
  • Howl Pottery Sherds
  • Raiser Armor Trim Smithing Templates
  • Shaper Armor Trim Smithing Templates
  • Sheaf Pottery Sherds
  • Wayfinder Armor Trim Smithing Templates

That’s everything you need to know about suspicious sand and gravel in Minecraft. For more on the sandbox game, check out our guides below:

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