Are Madden 24 servers down? MUT, maintenance & EA updates

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A new scheduled maintenance on the Madden 24 servers temporarily disabled all game modes. Find out below the current status of the Madden 24 servers and how to check for any scheduled maintenance.

Players who want to play any of the online game modes offered by Madden 24, whether it’s Madden Ultimate Team, Superstar Showdown, or H2H online, may find on more than one occasion that the servers are down or undergoing maintenance.

It may also be the case that even if the servers are not down or under maintenance, they may not be functioning optimally, which will undoubtedly ruin your gaming experience.

Here’s everything about Madden 24 servers, as well as how to check their status.

Are Madden 24 servers down?

As of November 8, all Madden 24 servers are functioning correctly. According to the official Madden NFL Direct X account, the MUT servers have been under maintenance since 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET / 10 AM GMT, but players can now access each of the game modes normally.

We will make sure to keep you informed if EA Sports make any additional announcements.

How to check the Madden 24 server status

There are multiple ways to check if the servers of Madden 24 are down or undergoing maintenance.

One of them is to check the MaddenNFLDirect or EA Play X account. EA Sports provide updates on the status of the Madden 24 servers there.

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Offline modes will be available when the Madden 24 online servers go down.

The devs also post maintenance reports on the official Madden 24 account or the Madden Ultimate Team account, so it is advisable to check both accounts if you have any doubts about the servers.

Another option to check the status of Madden 24 servers is to jump directly into the game and see if you can play your favorite game mode.

That’s everything you need to know about how to check the Madden 24 server status. For more about Madden, we suggest checking out our other related guides.

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