How to get Yiga Clan armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Luca Di Marzo
Yiga armor set Zelda TOTK

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom allows players to don a variety of armor sets that provide Link with unique benefits. The Yiga armor set is one of the most sought-after, as it increases your stealth. Here’s where you can find the Yiga Clan armor in Zelda TOTK.

Tears of the Kingdom players can deck Link out in different armor sets that boost certain attributes. From the Glide armor set to the Barbarian armor set, there are plenty of powerful options. However, when it comes to stealth, the Yiga armor set is one of the best in TOTK.

Completing the Yiga armor set is no easy task, as you’ll have to find the Yiga mask, Yiga Tights, and Yiga Armor.

Here’s how to get the Yiga armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Yiga armor set locations in Zelda TOTK

The Yiga Clan armor set drastically boosts your stealth in TOTK.

The Yiga armor set in Tears of the Kingdom is scattered across three different locations, so you’ll need to make your way to each one to assemble the full set.

If each of the three pieces is worn at the same time, Link not only gets a major stealth boost, but it will also allow him to impersonate a Yiga Clan member.

We’ve got a breakdown of how to get each piece below:

How to get Yiga Mask in Zelda TOTK

To kick things off, the Yiga Mask can be found in a shack near Lake Hylia. You’ll want to head south of the Temple of Time Ruins, but if you’re really struggling to find the shack, its exact coordinates are -0800, -2255, 0087.

The shack is surrounded by wooden spikes, but you’ll be able to access the area by creating a bridge with Ultrahand.

As with all of the Yiga armor set pieces, you’ll have to face off against members of the Yiga Clan. After you defeat them, the pieces will be yours for the taking. Once you make your way into the shack, talk to Pitar and they’ll hand you the Yiga Mask.

How to get Yiga Armor in Zelda TOTK

Visiting the Yiga Clan hideout in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will lead you to the Yiga Armor piece of the Yiga set. You’ll want to make your way to the Akkala Highlands in the northeast sector of Hyrule. The precise location you’re looking for is the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

You can use the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to spot the house positioned on a hillside. Once again, you’ll have to knock on the front door and promptly defeat Yiga Clan members before heading inside. Konba will then offer you the Yiga Armor piece.

How to get Yiga Tights in Zelda TOTK

You’ll need to utilize Ascend to get your hands on the Yiga Tights

The Yiga Tights can be found at the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch in the Aldor Foothills. You’re looking for a cave that’s directly east of the Kiuyoyou Shrine. You might notice Yiga statues placed around the cave entrance, which is a sign that you’re close

Once you deal with the Yiga Clan members in the cave, you’re going to want to look directly above you, where you’ll have to use Ascend on a square opening.

In the above room, you’ll meet Aliza, who will hand over the Yiga Tights, thus completing the set.

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