Leaked Halo Infinite audio file hints at possible battle royale

Liam Mackay
Halo Infinite battle royale mode leaked

Although it’s been confirmed that Halo Infinite won’t feature a battle royale mode at launch, data miners have discovered a voice line that hints at its arrival.

Although the battle royale genre has taken gaming by storm, two of 2021’s biggest releases have confirmed that they won’t feature a BR at launch: Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite. Many top streamers have called this a mistake, but the developers appear keen to only feature the classic multiplayer experiences.

However, data miners have uncovered a battle royale voice line that suggests the ever-popular game mode could arrive in Halo Infinite after all.

Halo Infinite Yoroi armor

Halo Infinite’s first technical preview has almost concluded, giving select players a hands-on test with what 343 Industries has been cooking up. This has also given data miners access to the game files, and they’ve discovered a strong hint that a battle royale mode has been worked on.

Originally uploaded to Resetera, data miners discovered an unambiguous voice line that strongly hints at a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite. In this audio clip, we can hear the classic Halo announcer say the words “battle royale.”

Halo’s developers have previously shot down any mention of a battle royale, with franchise writer Jeff Easterling saying that “the only BR we’re interested in is Battle Rifle.” Players will be able to create their own battle royale-style game in Forge, though.

The community has been theorizing what the voice line means for Infinite. Some have suggested that the game will feature an official battle royale later in its lifecycle, à la Warzone and BFV’s Firestorm. Others believe the line was recorded for players who want to make their own BR in Forge.

Although the release date hasn’t been officially announced, all rumors point towards a November release. We’re likely to know more about the future of Halo Infinite once it eventually releases and we can see a full roadmap.

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