How to get Verglas Curve in Destiny 2 Lightfall: Catalyst unlock explained

Nathan Warby
Destiny 2 Guardian with Curve Verglas

Destiny 2 Lightfall brings a new Exotic weapon for players to try out in the form of the Verglas Curve Bow, so here’s how to get it and unlock its Catalyst.

After being announced around three years ago, Destiny 2 Lightfall has finally arrived to mark the beginning of Season 20. This penultimate expansion brings shiny new weapons and gear to Bungie’s long-running looter shooter, as well as the new Strand subclass and Root of Nightmares Raid.

One of the new additions in Destiny 2 Season 20: Season of Defiance is the Verglas Curve, an Exotic Stasis Bow that can freeze enemies in place, opening them up for big damage.

Here’s how to get the Verglas Curve in Destiny 2, as well as its Catalyst to make the weapon even more powerful.

How to unlock the Verglas Curve in Destiny 2

The easiest way to get the Verglas Curve in Destiny 2 is to buy the Season 20 Season Pass, which will instantly unlock the Bow as a level 1 reward.

However, if you don’t want to pay for the Season Pass, it can also be unlocked for free by reaching level 35. This is part of the Season Pass’ free track, so although it will take longer to grind up to the right tier, it means you won’t have to spend your own money to start using the new weapon.

Once you’ve reached the required level, simply head into the Season 20 section of the menu to claim the Verglas Curve.

The Verglas Curve is a powerful weapon in Destiny 2, and its Catalyst unlocks its full potential.

How to get the Verglas Curve Catalyst in Destiny 2

Guardians can get hold of the Verglas Curve’s Catalyst by completing the ‘Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet‘ mission. This Exotic quest will become available from Banshee-44 as soon as you unlock the Bow, whether it’s through buying the Season Pass or hitting level 35.

Banshee-44 will give you a number of tasks to better tune the weapon, which we’ve listed below:

Step 1

  • Rapidly defeat 20 targets
  • Defeat 40 targets with Stasis final blows

Step 2

Calibrate data and defeat targets while using Verglas Curve:

  • Generate 200 calibration data
  • Defeat targets

Calibration data can be earned by completing seasonal activities through Vanguard Operations, Gambit, or the Crucible. This second step will take significantly longer, as you’ll also have to kill around 400 enemies to receive the Catalyst.

It’s well worth the grind, though, as the Verglas Curve Catalyst offers a nice upgrade to the damage the weapon dishes out.

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