Honkai Star Rail Acheron Ascension & Traces level-up materials

Ezequiel Leis
Acheron in Honkai Star Rail

Acheron finally debuted in Honkai Star Rail, so here are all her Ascension and Traces level-up materials so you can reach her maximum potential.

Honkai Star Rail exceeded all expectations with the Penacony update, as players quickly fell in love with its new characters. The version 2.1 update finally added Acheron as a playable character, so you might be eager to unlock all her abilities right away.

Here are all the Ascension and Traces materials you’ll need for Acheron in Honkai Star Rail.

Acheron Ascension materials in Honkai Star Rail

Here is the full list of materials needed to ascend Acheron in Honkai Star Rail:

Ascension LevelAscension materialsCreditsAscension rewards
Level 205x Dream Collection Component4,0001x Star Rail Pass
Level 3010x Dream Collection Component8,000
Level 406x Dream Flow Valve, 3x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff16,0001x Star Rail Pass
Level 509x Dream Flow Valve, 7x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff40,000
Level 606x Dream Making Engine, 20x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff80,0001x Star Rail Pass
Level 709x Dream Making Engine, 35x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff160,000

And this is the total amount of materials required to ascend Acheron in Honkai Star Rail:

  • 15x Dream Collection Component
  • 15x Dream Flow Valve
  • 65x Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff
  • 15x Dream Making Engine
  • 308,000 Credits
Acheron in Honkai Star Rail
Acheron presents herself as a Galaxy Ranger but hides a dark secret.

Acheron Trace level-up materials in Honkai Star Rail

To fully level up all of Acheron’s Traces in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll need to gather these materials:

  • 18x Fiery Spirit
  • 41x Dream Collection Component
  • 71x Starfire Essence
  • 56x Dream Flow Valve
  • 139x Heaven Incinerator
  • 58x Dream Making Engine
  • 12x Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
  • 11x Tracks of Destiny
  • 3,000,000 Credits

If you’re not sure of where to get all these resources in Honkai Star Rail, you can check the materials in-game to see all the relevant information. Alternatively, you can explore the Interastral Guide section to look for Trace level-up materials.

Fiery SpiritStarfire Essence, and Heaven Incinerator are new materials for characters in the Path of The Nihility that were added to Honkai Star Rail with the Penacony update. You might have to play the main quest for a bit before you’re able to access these resources, so keep that in mind.

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