All Hogwarts Legacy voice actors: Cast list

Phineas Nigellus Black in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy features some of the best voice-acting talents that breathe life into their characters. Here’s a complete list of the Hogwarts Legacy voice actors along with the characters they portray.

The story of Hogwarts Legacy takes players to some of the most iconic locations and into the paths of quirky characters, from familiar faces right from the books and films to new ones devised especially for the game.

Players get to learn plenty of iconic spells besides exploring and unveiling secrets but fans are curious to know the actors who voiced each character in Hogwarts Legacy.

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So, here’s a list of all the voice actors in Hogwarts Legacy and the roles they play.

Hogwarts Legacy voice cast

Hogwarts Legacy have received applause and praise for its wonderful open-world RPG that allows players to dive into the world of magic and explore in their own ways. While doing so, players come across plenty of characters which might make you wonder about their voice actors, so here they are:

  • Phineas Nigellus Black: Simon Pegg
  • Professor Matilda Weasley: Lesley Nicol
  • Amit Thakkar: Asif Ali
  • Professor Onai: Kandace Caine
  • Professor Satyavati Shah: Sohm Kapila
  • Everett Clopton: Luke Youngblood
  • Nearly Headless Nick / The Sorting Hat: Jason Anthony
  • Professor Eleazar Fig: Nicholas Guy Smith
  • Sebastian Sallow: Alfie Nugent
  • Player Voice 1: Sebastian Croft
  • Player Voice 2: Amelia Gething

Every Hogwarts Legacy voice actor

Simon Pegg – Phineas Nigellus Black

Simon Pegg with Hogwarts Legacy characterSimon Pegg voiced the headmaster of Hogwarts, Phineas Nigellus Black.

One of the biggest names in Hogwarts Legacy is Simon Pegg, who portrayed Phineas Nigellus Black. Phineas is the great-grandfather of Sirius Black, played by Gary Oldman in the live-action Harry Potter film, and is the school’s headmaster when the player begins their journey.

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Pegg is best known for his work on the Cornetto Trilogy alongside Nick Frost, comprising Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. He has since had major roles in the Mission Impossible series as well as latter-day Star Trek movies.

Lesley Nicol – Professor Matilda Weasley

Lesley Nicol with Hogwarts Legacy characterLesley Nicol voiced the character of a dear Weasley, Professor Matilda.

Another popular family is set to feature on the Hogwarts staff, as the Deputy Headmistress of the school is Professor Matilda Weasley.

Ron’s ancestor is voiced by Lesley Nicol, who you might recognize from her work on Downton Abbey and Amazon Prime’s The Boys. She has also lent her voice to a number of children’s TV shows, including Sarah & Duck.

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Asif Ali – Amit Thakkar

Asif Ali with Hogwarts Legacy characterAmit Thakkar, a Ravenclaw student is voiced by Asif Ali.

The talent doesn’t stop with the teachers, though, as Asif Ali voiced the character of Amit Thakkar, a Ravenclaw student whom players meet during the story. He’s a kind and smart wizard who lend the protagonist a helping hand.

Ali has had roles in Disney Plus shows WandaVision and The Mandalorian, as Norm and Caben respectively. He’s also contributed voice work to critically-acclaimed animated shows like BoJack Horseman.

Kandace Caine – Professor Onai

Kandace Caine with Hogwarts Legacy characterOur divination Professor Onai is voiced by Kandace Caine.

As you progress in the game, you come across another teacher and that’s Professor Onai, who leads the Divination class at Hogwarts during this time period. She is also the mother of Gryffindor student Natsai Onai.

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The professor is voiced by Kandace Caine, making her return to video games after voicing Nova in Modern Warfare 2 2022. Horror fans may also recall her as Karrie in The Human Centipede 2.

Sohm Kapila – Professor Satyavati Shah

Sohm Kaplia with Hogwarts Legacy characterProfessor Satyavati Shah is voiced by Sohm Kapila.

Next up is Professor Satyavati Shah who was voiced by Indian actress Sohm Kapila.

Kapila is making her video game debut after landing minor roles in a number of popular shows, including Waking the Dead, Charmed, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Luke Youngblood – Everett Clopton

Luke Youngblood with Hogwarts Legacy characterLuke Youngblood voiced the character of Everett Clopton.

Everett Clopton is a new character but also a bully, and prankster found in House Ravenclaw. However, this isn’t voice actor Luke Youngblood’s first visit to Hogwarts.

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The British actor appeared in the first two Harry Potter movies as Lee Jordan, a fellow student, and friend to Fred and George Weasley. He has since landed successful parts as Magnitude in Community and Sugo in The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

Jason Anthony – Nearly Headless Nick / The Sorting Hat

Jason Anthony with Hogwarts Legacy charactersHeadless Nick and Sorting Hat are both voiced by the brilliant Jason Anthony.

Doing the honors of voicing not one but two fan-favorite characters is Jason Anthony, who played both the sentient Sorting Hat and Gryffindor house ghost, Nearly Headless Nick.

In a career spanning over two decades, Anthony has been involved in some of the biggest franchises around, from Otter in Modern Warfare to Admiral Ozzel in Lego Star Wars. He also appeared as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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Nicholas Guy Smith – Professor Eleazar Fig

Professor Fig Hogwarts LegacyNicholas Guy Smith voiced the character of the wise Professor Fig.

Nicholas Guy Smith voiced your character’s mentor, Professor Fig whom you meet once you begin the game.

Nicholas has plenty of credits to his name and has voiced multiple characters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Dead Island Riptide. He has also appeared in Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Alfie Nugent – Sebastian Sallow

sebastian sallow and anne hogwarts legacySebastian Sallow is voiced by Alfie Nugent.

Alfie Nugent is the voice behind the character of Sebastian Sallow whom you run into pretty early on if you choose Slytherin.

Alfie played the role of Sam in a short film called Piggies and has starred in the feature film Plaguepits.

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Sebastian Croft – Player Voice 1

Sebastian Croft with Hogwarts Legacy characterSebastian Croft voiced Player 1 in the game.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can customize their own character, all the way down to the voice. There are two distinct voice options to choose from, the first of which comes from rising star Sebastian Croft.

He is probably best known for his appearance as a young Ned Stark in season six of HBO’s Game of Thrones. However, he has gone on to feature in the likes of Penny Dreadful, Love, Death & Robots, and Doom Patrol.

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Amelia Gething – Player Voice 2

Amerlia Gething with Hogwarts Legacy characterPlayable character 2 is voiced by Amelia Gething.

The second voice option is provided by Amelia Gething, a relative newcomer who has already made quite an impression on our screens.

She wrote and starred in The Amelia Gething Complex sketch show, before playing Anne Bronte in the biographical drama, Emily, which earned a nomination for Best Ensemble Performance at the British Independent Film Awards.

There you have it, that was every Hogwarts Legacy voice actor who has voiced the characters in-game.

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