Helldivers 2 players urge devs to avoid ‘weird’ crossovers like Call of Duty at all costs

Souhardya Choudhury
Helldivers 2 combat on a planet

Helldivers 2 players want the game to keep its identity intact by avoiding crossovers with other franchises as we’ve seen in other popular shooters like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Helldivers 2‘s sudden surge to glory has surprised quite a number of players. However, considering that the devs are quite active in interacting with the community and discussing the game’s future, many give credit to Arrowhead Game Studios for the overall success.

With a boatload of challenging enemy types and weapons, players have reported some highly positive feedback about Helldivers 2. However, they do not want the game to lose its identity and are quite against the idea of crossovers.

Reddit user ‘DDeShaneW’ posted about this on the Helldivers 2 subreddit, asking: “Can we keep ‘Helldivers’ as just ‘Helldivers’ and not ‘Helldivers: ultra collab skin simulator’?” as they wanted the game to stick to its original theme and style.

“There are too many games these days that just have no faith in their own original setting, and we end up getting the weirdest mix of things with no real identity to it, like the new Warhammer x Call of Duty crossover that’s coming,” the OP continued.

The OP claimed that introducing crossovers would be a “shame” and would definitely “ruin” the game if the devs decided to include them. Other players were quite hopeful that it would not be the case for Helldivers 2 as the previous title did not indulge in collabs as well.

“I don’t see them doing anything besides Helldivers,” added another player as they agreed with the OP as well, whereas others mentioned how they would rather take “voice skins than player skins” in Helldivers 2 in the form of collabs.

Another player was on the same page as the OP as they sarcastically claimed: “I swear if I ever drop to the surface and I’m greeted by Nicki Minaj…”

“Hopefully it will stay as just Helldivers, would be a shame if the game went the route of R6S or Call of Duty,” said another player.

Whether Arrowhead decide to include crossovers after becoming popular in Helldivers 2 now remains to be seen. For more on Helldivers 2, check out the Armor with secret stats, as well as how to stop Super Credits from disappearing.

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