How to play Halo Infinite co-op campaign

halo infinite master chief carrying soldier

Despite the feature not being officially released by the developers, a new glitch is allowing players to enjoy the campaign with a friend. Here’s how to play the Halo Infinite co-op campaign.

Players had been enjoying the Halo Infinite Multiplayer when it was surprisingly released for free prior to the official launch date of the campaign on December 8.

Now that those dedicated Halo fans finally got their hands on the campaign mode, continuing the story of the iconic character Master Chief, there is a way to experience the journey with a friend thanks to a new glitch.

Masterchief with Cortana Halo Infinite campaign

A video recently appeared on Reddit showing off the Halo Infinite campaign in co-op, with a horizontal split-screen.

It turns out that the players who managed to get the mode working didn’t even realize how they did it at first, but upon investigation from the community, there is finally a method.

How to play Halo Infinite co-op campaign

halo infinite master chief cover

It is important to note that performing this glitch could ruin your saved data, so if you’re in the middle of the campaign or yet to complete it, be aware that you may lose your current save while attempting this.

Also, the user who discovered the method states that “Infinite must be offline. Note: this can’t be true offline (disconnecting from the network) from my current testing. I believe It needs to be that weird stage where Infinite disconnects you after quick resuming.

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With that being said, in order to play the Halo Infinite campaign in co-op mode, players must follow these steps:

  • Sign into a second Xbox live account with your second controller.
  • Load the Halo Infinite campaign
  • Press start on the main controller. 
  • Hit the back button. 
  • Press start or back on the second controller to join the fireteam.
  • Co-op is now enabled.

There are also a few bugs for the second player to be aware of:

  • FOBs are completely broken.
  • Marines no longer spawn at FOBs.
  • Player 2 doesn’t have their own Tactical Map and upgrade tree.
  • The Game will soft-lock if either player dies.
  • Player 2 will fast travel with Player 1.

Despite the bugs, this is great for those families at Christmas who are looking to play games together and enjoy the Halo Infinite campaign experience without having to swap controllers for every mission.

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Image Credits: 343 Industries