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Halo Infinite players claim Battle Pass challenges are still “ruining the game”

The Halo Infinite developers have made major changes to the Battle Pass challenges , but players still feel that they’re ruining games.



WASP vehicle in Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite developers made some major changes to the Battle Pass challenges following player complaints, but some fans still feel that they’re “ruining the game.”

Halo Infinite players have taken issue with the game’s Battle Pass progression system. XP could only be earned through completing challenges at the start of the multiplayer beta, with 50 bonus XP awarded for each completed match.

The developers listened to player complaints and gave a major boost to the XP payouts of each match. However, many fans still feel that the Battle Pass challenges are too troublesome.

Energy sword in Halo Infinite

Reddit user ‘Pax_Libertas_’ shared a screenshot of their Halo Infinite gameplay. It showcased four players standing on a helipad and waiting for the AV-49 Wasp vehicle.

The Redditor stated that this was probably because they have a Battle Pass challenge to complete that requires them to use the Wasp. This means that they won’t be able to earn the XP they need until the vehicle arrives.

“This is really ruining the game,” wrote the Redditor. “Is anyone else experiencing this?” A few of the commenters came up with suggestions for improving the challenges in Halo Infinite.

“Make all challenges doable at the same time,” commented one user. “It’s so annoying to get a new challenge and be like I just did that in the last 3 games. Then you can manage to do it again for 12 games. Just frustrating.”

Some of the commenters were less critical of the Battle Pass challenges, stating that other Halo titles featured similar situations where players sat around and waited at the spot where a vehicle would spawn.

“I get the issues with this game and the challenges, but don’t ever pretend teammates didn’t camp a sniper, rocket, tank, literally anything spawn in past games,” commented one user.

The developers have definitely put in the effort to make the Battle Pass progression a bit easier, with players now achieving 1,000 XP just by playing six games a day instead of the 20 previously required.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries