Halo Infinite lets you buy cosmetics for armor you don’t own

Spartans in Halo Infinite Tenrai event

Halo Infinite players have been pushing back against how cosmetics are unlocked and have been shocked to see that you can actually buy cosmetics for armor you don’t own, meaning you can’t use it.

Halo Infinite’s core gameplay has been praised, but players have been less impressed with the “cash-grab” cosmetic unlocks. The Battle Pass takes an incredibly long time to level up, and the community’s patience is wearing ever-thinner now the Fracture: Tenrai event has arrived.

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The Fracture: Tenrai event included a store update, but players were surprised to see that some of the cool cosmetic items can only be applied to the Yoroi armor, and it appears you can still buy them even if you don’t own the armor.

Sentinels blade armor in Halo Infinite

This week’s Halo Infinite shop was shared on Reddit and was met with instant backlash. Players were less than impressed with the prices of the items on offer, especially since they were used to advertise the free Fracture: Tenrai event.

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But after looking into it, some players noticed that the items can only be applied to the Yoroi armor, which can only be unlocked during the event. Players claim you can still purchase these cosmetics but can’t use them if you don’t own the armor.

Reddit user HauntedVale spotted the issue, and several other users confirmed that you can buy cosmetics for the armor set you don’t own. zGoldenGiraffe said, “That’s insane that there’s a way you can unlock something for money and then not even be able to use it because you don’t have the armor core.”

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However, players have said that a warning pops up telling you that you need the armor, but you can still go ahead with the transaction.

While the armor isn’t too difficult to unlock, one user explained the problem. “Theoretically, if someone misunderstood, they could buy a bundle, not have time to unlock the core, and never be able to use the stuff they spent 20+ dollars on,” said WiserCrescent99.

halo infinite yoroi armor

The first Fracture: Tenrai event ends on November 30, so it appears that if a player doesn’t unlock the armor in time, they’ll need to wait until January to have another go.

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Halo Infinite is technically still in beta, so the way 343 Industries monetize skins and events could change as the months roll on.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries

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