Halo Infinite leak claims there will be no armor unlocked in campaign

Nathan Warby
Halo Infinite Spartan wearing Armor

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has plenty of armor sets to unlock, but fans were hoping for more when the campaign dropped this December. Unfortunately, a leak has suggested that Halo players might be disappointed come launch day.

343 Industries shocked the gaming world when they suddenly released Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer in beta form recently. Halo fans have been dipping their toes into the latest entry in the legendary shooter series – nearly a month before the campaign is set to drop.

All-in-all, the multiplayer has been a rousing success, but its XP system and armor customization options have come under fire.

Now, based on a leak, any players hoping that there would be more armor sets to unlock from Halo Infinite’s campaign could be disappointed.

Halo Infinite Armor sets

Customization has been a huge part of Halo multiplayer for many years, and players spend hours working towards the coolest-looking armor they can find.

As well as grinding out XP with multiplayer challenges, the single-player campaigns have historically also provided some new gear to unlock. For example, collecting 13 skulls across the single-player missions in Halo 3 unlocked Hayabusa armor.

However, according to dataminer Chaz The Jackal, there will be 34 unlockables from this installment’s campaign – none of which will be new pieces of armor.

Looking at the screenshots they posted on Twitter, it appears that the single-player will mainly reward you with coatings and emblems to equip to your Spartan.

Players took to Reddit to express their anger at the leak, criticizing the options for armor at launch.

“I’ve resigned myself to just not customizing in this game,” said one fan. “This was literally the one thing I was leaning on to actually have some options for my Spartans,” said another.

Meanwhile, some players were frustrated that the armor that is available is tied to grinding the Battle Pass or locked behind a paywall.

“I have played over 50 matches and done some different challenges throughout. I’m level 8 on the battle pass,” argued one player. “I legit will never unlock any armor in this game.”

“Is it really that hard to give 1-2 ‘free’ armor sets if you finish the campaign?” asked another. “It’s not like the campaign is free to play.”

Halo Infinite Samurai armor

343 Industries have already confirmed that they will be fixing the Battle Pass XP system, but we’ll have to wait and see if they address fan concerns about the lack of campaign unlocks.

After a six-year wait since the last Master Chief adventure, fans will be hoping there is more to unlock when Halo Infinite drops worldwide on December 8.

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