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Simple Halo Infinite mistake appears to completely break aim assist

Players believe that they’ve found an unusual way of disabling controller aim assist in 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite.



spartan aiming gun in halo infinite

Controller aim assist is a vital method of helping controller players to compete with mouse and keyboard players, but players in Halo Infinite believe a simple mistake is turning it off altogether.

The “PC master race” term is derived from a couple of key principles, the ability to keep improving your hardware so that it’s always more powerful than a console, and more precision using a keyboard and mouse.

With a huge increase in crossplay over the last few years, gamers on various platforms are battling each other using different input devices – Halo Infinite being one of them.

Many prefer using an Xbox controller, whereas others like KBAM. However, to help controller players keep up with free-flowing mouse aim, Halo Infinite offers aim assist. Though, not all players seem to be using it as they’re accidentally turning it off via a simple button press on the game’s main screen.

halo infinite main menu screen

When players boot up Halo Infinite, they’re met with the gorgeous main menu screen showing the game’s title over a beautiful backdrop.

But this is where things get interesting because it’s being reported that if players press the ‘Enter’ key on their keyboard to start, even though they’re using a controller, the game will think players are using KBAM and will receive no aim assist using a controller.

Halo Pro Chance Duncan reported the strange findings and it seems like many players have encountered the same circumstances.

Replies to the Tweet were largely similar stories of it happening to them, with 3x World CoD Champion NYSL Clayster even saying: “Dude I felt DRUNK when I logged on this morning.. this makes sense.”

Just to try and prove it, Halo content creator @TheReachWay was asked to test it out to see if there was any truth to the theory, and it appeared so.

Judging by the number of complaints regarding this, it certainly appears like this is a major issue for Halo Infinite players that they don’t even realize.

But just like the XP and Battle Pass system issue, we expect a fairly quick response to this problem from 343 Industries.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries