Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai event dates, challenges & rewards

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Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai event armor

Halo Infinite’s samurai-themed Fracture: Tenrai event has returned, so here’s everything we know so far, from the start date to the new rewards on offer.

343 Industries shocked the gaming world by launching Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer mode almost a month early, dropping fans straight into Season 1 of the new FPS.

As Season 1 rolls on, 343 Industries have dropped the fourth bout of the Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event, which brings plenty of samurai-themed cosmetics for your Spartan.

Here’s everything we know about the start and end date, challenges, and new rewards.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai start date & end date

halo infinite yoroi armor

Week 4 of Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event went live on February 22, 2022, and is scheduled to end on Tuesday, March 1.

But this won’t be the final Tenrai event as 343 Industries confirmed it will return again on March 19, 2022, and then once more in April.

Here’s every Fracture: Tenrai event date:

  • Week 1: November 23, 2021 – November 29, 2021
  • Week 2: January 4, 2022 – January 10, 2022
  • Week 3: February 1, 2022 – February 7, 2022
  • Week 4: February 22, 2022 – March 1, 2022
  • Week 5: March 19, 2022 – April 5, 2022
  • Week 6: April 19, 2022 – April 26, 2022

More challenges will arrive with each event, ensuring players can finish the free event pass before it expires.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai rewards

Halo Infinite Samurai armor

Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai features a special Event Pass, containing a number of samurai-themed unlocks and cosmetics.

Tenrai’s first iteration was full of Challenge Swaps and XP Grants, which left a sour taste in players’ mouths. However, 343 Industries have reworked the event pass for its later iterations, including plenty more cosmetic items and fewer XP bonuses.

The main reward is the Yoroi Samurai armor core, but there are also some neat cosmetic add-ons to customize your armor core with.

Here’s every Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai event reward.

TierFracture: Tenrai Reward
1Torri Reflection Backdrop
2Challenge Swap
3XP Grant
4Samurai Nameplate
5Yoroi Armor Core
6Challenge Swap
7XP Grant
8XP Grant
9Samurai Vehicle Emblem
10Gatekeeper Left Shoulder Pad
11Gatekeeper Right Shoulder Pad
12Dragonbark Kneepad
13Echo Blue Armor Coating
14Samurai Armor Emblem
15Kabuto Helmet
16Dragonbark Left Shoulder Pad
17Dargonbark Right Shoulder Pad
18Fog Painting Armor Coating
19Samurai Weapon Emblem
20Sol Devil Weapon Coating (MA40 Assault Rifle)
21Tempered Steel Armor Visor
22Dragonbark Hipguard Hip Attachment
23Jadeiron Plate Chest Attachment
24Whispered Sky Weapon Coating (MK50 Sidekick)
25Yokai Helmet
26Spring Blossom Filter Helmet Attachment
27Funeral Bell Stance
28Whispered Sky Weapon Coating (BR75 Battle Rifle)
29Staghelm Crest Helmet Attachment
30Swordsman’s Belt Legendary Utility

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai challenges

Yoroi Samurai armor in Halo Infinite

Fracture: Tenrai comes with a set of challenges that need to be completed in order to finish the event pass, but we don’t know what these challenges will entail yet.

The event is tied to the Fiesta Playlist, where the challenges need to be completed inside this mode. Make sure to look for the orange banner beside a challenge to see if it’s a Tenrai challenge, and then these will progress the Tenrai free pass.

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Image credits: 343 Industries

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