Dr Disrespect reveals the one change Halo Infinite needs to be “incredible”

Dr Disrespect and Halo Spartan

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has enjoyed Halo Infinite’s multiplayer since its arrival and is now claiming that the game only needs one big change to become a truly great game.

While the full release of Halo Infinite is still a bit away, the developers made the game’s free multiplayer component available to download on November 15 for fans to enjoy.

Dr Disrespect has been trying it out and has given it great praise. However, he feels that the game falls short of being great due to one key feature that he hopes the developers will change.

White Halo Infinite spartan armor

Dr Disrespect played through the Halo Infinite playlists in his November 18 stream. He enjoys the game but feels that it needs to change the “woeful” way it warns players about the damage they take.

“The amount of damage I’m receiving from another player, their shots… It’s not like I really want to be blinded by all the VFX and audio and my controller vibrating out of its mind,” said the streamer.

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He then made it clear that if 343 Industries change this one feature so that the damage is much easier to gauge, then that would “make the whole game incredible.”

Timestamp at 25:49

Dr Disrespect also touched upon Halo Infinite’s 4v4 multiplayer maps in the same stream, stating that he would like to see the developers take inspiration from old franchise maps like Warlock and Sanctuary.

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It remains to be seen whether or not the developers will listen to his suggestions. However, they did confirm a Battle Pass progression fix in response to fan backlash, so they do listen to fan suggestions.

Overall, Doc enjoys the game and feels that it would be even better once they improve the damage indicator. “I’m sitting here wanting to play,” he said. “Every time I finish [a match] I want to get straight into the lobby, I’m down to play again.”

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Image Credit: 343 Industries