Where to find Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Locations & how to use

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Portcrystals in Dragon's Dogma 2

Fast traveling is a luxury enabled by Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as they’re a necessity for traveling to different locations quickly. So, here’s where to find Portcrystals in the game.

Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can transport you to locations in an instant. They offer the most convenient way of traveling in the game, one that is pretty risk-averse as well. While trekking through the RPG’s massive open world can be enjoyable, sometimes you’ll want to skip past the wait and arrive at a specific location directly, underling the importance of this tool.

Some Portcrystals can be found near major locations, and you’ll need to gather the others yourself. Here’s where to find Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Where to find Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Two Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are permanent fixtures present near major locations. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Vernworth: The Portcrystal in Vernworth can be found outside the building which has the Grand Riftstone of Vermund.
  • Harve Village: The Portcrystal in Harve Village can be found on the southern side of the settlement by the coastline near Stormwind Cave.

How to get more Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Aside from permanent ones, there are portable Portcrystals that you can place anywhere and create your own personal fast travel points. Here’s where you can find them in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  • Feast of Deception (Main quest): You’ll likely get your first portable Portcrystal from Commander Brant before journeying to Bakbattahl.
  • Sphinx Riddles: Completing the second Sphinx Riddle will reward you with a Portcrystal. The riddle itself is pretty simple, as you just have to present your main Pawn as your ‘most beloved’ in front of the Sphinx.
    • You can get another Portcrystal during the Riddle of Conviction. All you have to do is give the Sphinx a Portcrystal from your inventory, and she’ll duplicate it and return both items back to you.
  • Dragonborn: During the Flickering Shadows quest, you’ll cross paths with the Dragonforged who sells items in exchange for Wyrmslife Crystals (WLC). You can purchase a Portcrystal from him for 20 WLC.
  • Paid DLC: You can also purchase a Portcrystal for $2.99 through the in-game microtransactions.

How many Portcrystals can you have in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In total, you can only place 10 Portcrystals at a time in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This means that you can only set up 10 fast-travel locations at once.

How to use Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Ferrystones in Dragon's Dogma 2
Ferrystones are needed for fast travelling in the game.

You’ll need Ferrystones to use Portcrystals and fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Ferrystones can be found organically by exploring the world, and you can also purchase them from vendors in major settlements, such as Philbert’s Sundries, for around 10,000 Gold.

How to use Ferrystones for Portcrystal fast travel in Dragons Dogma 2

To use Portcrystals, make sure you have a Ferrystone in your inventory and follow these steps:

  1. Open up the pause menu and head into your inventory
  2. Navigate to a Ferrystone and select it
  3. Then, select the Portcrystal you wish to travel to and you’ll be transported there instantly.

That was where to find and how to use Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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