Where to find every action figure collectible in GTA Online

Hamza Khalid
how to find every action figure collectible in GTA Online

GTA Online has 100 action figures hidden across its map. You can collect all of these for impressive rewards, and we’ve made the task easier with a map along with the details of the prizes.

Rockstar Games have added collectible action figures to the world of GTA Online. In their announcement of this change, the developers showed off monkey and garden gnome figurines, but there are other characters as well.

This includes Impotent Rage, Princess Robot Bubblegum, a space ranger, and aliens. There are a total of 100 of them hidden around Los Santos, and you can win some exciting prizes for your efforts in finding them all.

There figures are small and spread out over the entire map, so that makes them hard to locate. Here’s a closer look at where to find them.

Impotent Rage in GTA V

GTA Online action figure locations

The tricky part of finding these figures is that they’re at different altitudes and locations. Meaning that some are located on beaches, on top of mountains, and islands, so you’ll have to keep your transport ready.

We’ve made things considerably easier for you by pinpointing each location of the figures in GTA Online on the map You can take a look at it to find them quickly.

GTA Online action figure locations

As you can see from the map above, many of the figures can be found close to each other in the city area. You can collect several of them one after another in a short amount of time by driving across town.

At first, you will only be able to spot 98 action figures. The final two will appear on the map once you’ve collected the others. These are located inside wreckages at the airplane scrapyard just southeast of Sandy Shores.

GTA Online action figure rewards

Finding all 100 action figures will net you a handsome reward. Each of the figures you collect is worth $1,000, and you’ll get that amount as a one-off payment. Getting them all will grant you $150,000 and 150,000 RP.

Impotent Rage costume in GTA Online

That’s an impressive prize, but it doesn’t stop there. If you head over to the Hardcore Comic Store, you’ll also receive a brand new Impotent Rage outfit and hairstyle to make yourself look heroic.

Additionally, you’ll unlock eight decorations: Mini Alien, Mini Beast, Mini Impotent Rage, Mini Pogo, Mini Princess Robot Bubblegum, Mini Commander, Mini Space Ranger, and Mini Sasquatch. You can place these in your home for fun.

That covers everything you need to know about collecting action figures in GTA Online. There are also other fun activities that you can enjoy in the Cayo Perico update, such as finding easter eggs.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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