New GTA Online easter egg links back to massive Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay leak

Hamza Khalid
GTA Online players and vehicles

The Grand Theft Auto community has been keeping an eye out for information about GTA 6, and a possible easter egg for the game may have been discovered in GTA Online.

While GTA 6 is confirmed to be in development, Rockstar Games haven’t revealed any major information about the highly-anticipated open-world title, and fans are eagerly awaiting its official reveal.

Players are keeping an eye out for GTA 6 easter eggs that Rockstar may be hiding in plain sight. Now, a new one has popped up which is causing a ton of speculation among the GTA Online community.

On Twitter, Gaming Detective shared an image of the upcoming Hotring Everon from GTA Online which has a livery of the eCola soft drink that you can purchase in the game after hopping into Los Santos.

While this doesn’t seem like anything particularly noteworthy at first glance, Gaming Detective pointed out that the design of the bottle looks different than the one currently in GTA Online. It closely resembles the one that was seen in the GTA 6 leaks from September.

A few users agreed that this may be a GTA 6 easter egg that Rockstar intentionally added. One player tweeted: “They’ve probably been putting a ton of teasers over the years and we just didn’t know.”

This isn’t the first time that fans discovered a possible GTA 6 easter egg, as players previously speculated that an unreleased GTA Online shirt may have given them a first look at the rumored Vice City map.

Of course, this is pure speculation at this point, and we won’t know for sure if Rockstar actually added this as an intentional easter egg for GTA 6. Hopefully, an official announcement will arrive soon.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games

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