How to join the best GTA roleplay servers

Hamza Khalid

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of GTA RP thanks to some major Twitch streamers, and viewers want to join in on the fun. Here are a few of the best servers that you can try out.

PC players can take on the role of an NPC with the GTA V roleplay multiplayer mod, which is extremely customizable and allows you to craft your own story. The recent launch of NoPixel’s 3.0 update has led to more players wanting to take part in the fun.

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NoPixel is a major GTA RP server with almost 200 slots for players, but you won’t find it easy to join them due to their rigorous application process. However, there are other popular servers that are a little easier to get into.

GTA V roleplay

Eclipse GTA RP

While some of NoPixel’s features are unique to that server, you can still have a good time with some other ones. Eclipse is a great alternative that provides you with a ton of opportunities for fun and making money.

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Eclipse has extremely large server capacity, along with a dedicated forum and Discord that you can join to interact with the other members. Just drop into GTA V via the FiveM server menu, create a character, and start roleplaying.

Of course, you should try to figure out what the server rules are before you do anything else. You can get a gist of how things work by watching what other players are doing before participating yourself.

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MafiaCity GTA RP

You could also try your luck with MafiaCity, which is another great GTA roleplay server, but it differs from the others in some noticeable ways. It’s hosted on the Rage mode and not FiveM, so NPCs aren’t major players in their narrative.

There is also a lot of potential for different characters and stories since you have the freedom to be a dangerous criminal, as well as a cop or firefighter. All you have to do is download the Rage mod, and then join the server from their website.

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Make your presence known on the Forum and Discord by interacting with the other members.

TheFamilyRP GTA 5

If you’re up for some serious roleplaying with a group that takes the game more seriously, then TheFamily RP might be right up your alley. You’ll find it to be a bit more basic and straightforward than others.

You might end up getting a fancy house and driving an extravagant sports car, as the roleplaying possibilities are almost endless. Many of the players dedicate themselves to it pretty seriously, which makes them fun to play with.

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It’s a bit more difficult to join than the previous ones we mentioned since you’ll have to sign up to the forum and then link your Twitch, Steam, and Discord, before applying. Plus, there’s a fairly long waiting list, but getting accepted will guarantee fun times.


If you’re hoping to join a server that’s similar to NoPixel then you should definitely check out LucidCity. This server has a lot of openness in how it works and is usually open to accepting brand new members on a more frequent basis.

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It even has the Cayo Perico expansion from GTA Online available, along with some other exciting features. Simply make yourself known after joining their forum and Discord before having a blast in their community.

That covers all the best GTA RP servers that you can participate in. There are also a ton of other, smaller servers that you can consider joining, as long as they’re right up your alley in terms of how you want to play the game.

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Watching others play first so you can get a better understanding of how this mod works before jumping in is generally a smart way to approach it. You can check out our GTA V RP guide if you want some more helpful tips to keep in mind.

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