How to get GTA Online’s Service Carbine: M16 Crime Scene locations

GTA Online character with Service Carbine M16

GTA Online players can build the new Service Carbine by finding parts at crime scenes throughout Los Santos, so here’s how to get the M16 for free as part of the Criminal Enterprises update.

Even though GTA Online has been around since 2013, the game is still going strong with weekly updates and regular DLC. The most recent was 2022’s summer update, The Criminal Enterprises, which added new vehicles, missions, and weapons.

The Criminal Enterprises brought the Brioso 300 Widebody Week on August 25, introducing the new Brioso vehicle, Sprunk vs eCola event, and the brand-new Service Carbine Tactical Rifle.

The Service Carbine is based on the M16 rifle, being a combination of the classic M16 and the modern M16A4. if you want to get this new Tactical Rifle for free, check out where to find all the parts below.

How to get Service Carbine M16 in GTA Online

GTA Online players need to visit five crime scenes around Los Santos and steal the evidence, with each piece of collected evidence giving a new Service Carbine part. Once you’ve got all five parts, the M16 will be automatically added to your weapon wheel alongside $55,000.

The crime scenes don’t spawn every time so you might need to check on several, but once you’ve found five, the Service Carbine will be yours. You can check out all 10 locations on the GTA Online map and list below.

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GTA Online Crime Scene & M16 part locations

Crime Scene locations in GTA Online map
  1. Paleto Bay
  2. West Grapeseed
  3. South coast of Alamo Sea, west of Sandy Shores
  4. North-east side of Ron Alternates Wind Farm
  5. South Chumash
  6. West Vinewood
  7. North La Mesa
  8. Del Perro Beach, foot of the boardwalk
  9. West Strawberry
  10. Elysian Island

Can you buy the Service Carbine M16 in GTA Online?

If you don’t collect all of the parts, the Service Carbine M16 can be purchased from Ammu-Nation and the Agency Armory for $321,900.

While it might take some time to steal all of the evidence at the crime scenes, it’s well worth saving yourself the money, collecting the parts, and earning all of the bonus cash for doing so.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games / GTA Web

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