How to get free vehicle reward with GTA Online The Heist Challenge

Andrew Highton
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Rockstar challenged GTA Online players to rack up as much The Heist earnings as possible, and the results have resulted in the devs handing out a free vehicle for players to claim, and we have all the details for you.

As they did in 2021, Rockstar Games laid down the gauntlet for GTA Online’s player base in November 2022 by asking players to contribute to The Heist challenge.

This asked GTA Online players to keep replaying Heists and earning as much money as they could, with everyone’s individual contributions adding up to one ginormous pot. The overall goal was a whopping $2 Trillion in Heist loot.

This may seem like an exorbitant amount of cash, but as usual, the community absolutely smashed the goal by clearing $4 Trillion. Rockstar have now addressed the community’s effort, as well as discussed the challenge’s reward.

When is the GTA Online The Heist challenge vehicle reward?

Rockstar haven’t given an exact date and time as to when GTA Online players can expect to claim their brand-new vehicle, but it is coming soon.

“Shout out to the GTA Online community for once again obliterating our expectations in The Heists Challenge, this time surpassing over GTA$ 4 TRILLION total! As a result, you’ve unlocked a free new vehicle coming soon to GTA Online. Stay tuned for more details” the devs said in an official Tweet.

So players don’t need to do anything for the time being, and Rockstar will update players once the reward goes live in the game.

How to claim GTA Online The Heist challenge vehicle reward

Rockstar have already said that once the reward is live, it will be automatically added to the accounts of eligible players who took part in the challenge and added to the overall tally.

We imagine that the vehicle will be granted before Christmas so that GTA Online players can have a new toy to play with before the traditional GTA Online seasonal update arrives to bring snow and other fun change-ups.

Once Rockstar Games makes the vehicle reward live in GTA Online we’ll be sure to update you with full details on how to add it to your collection.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games