How to find the mysterious sea monster skeleton in GTA Online

Andrew Highton
gta online sea monster

Out of seemingly nowhere a large sea monster skeleton has appeared in the waters of GTA Online. Los Santos is no stranger to weird aberrations suddenly emerging, and here’s a quick guide so you too can take a gander at it.

The Grand Theft Auto universe is an ever-expanding cosmos of mystery and intrigue. GTA Online has been subject to a few random occurrences and Easter Eggs as of late. The Loch Ness Monster has been popping its head above the water for a quick hello and Back to the Future has been making its presence known.

The Cayo Perico Heist has added lots of content and possibilities to the city, including a giant submarine that can be used to traverse the unknown waters surrounding Los Santos. It can be used to prep for the Heist and to find Treasure Chests.

But one player has explored the depths to the point that they’ve come across a mysterious skeleton that is currently inhabiting the waters.

gta online sea monster skeleton

Where to find sea monster in GTA Online

Reddit user H4ckerxx44 was casually spending some time embarking on an adventure through the polluted waters of Los Santos. It might have been to locate some buried treasure or maybe even find a mafia boss stood upright with a suspicious amount of concrete around their feet.

The interesting post is called “So I found a skeleton faaaar out in the ocean, is this something known?”.

Apparently, it cannot be found in single-player and the original poster had this to say about it, “This skeleton is just a whale skeleton which can be found around the GTA 5 map. A friend of mine just sent me an image of the GTA5 Wiki showing that around Cayo Perico are supposed to be these skeletons, I assume I just swam far enough to be there where the island spawns.”

Lots of other top comments suggest that this is a very rare find and no one has come across this until now. One user posted, “That I have not seen” and someone else commented, “This so cool mate. Out of millions of players and for all the years they have been playing and this is a first. Unreal.”

The original poster also noted down their co-ordinates for other players to try and locate their own mysterious sea creature skeleton too.

They are: X: 5667,83 Y: -6076.61 Z: -29.47.

It remains to be seen if more is to come of this. Or if this is another, in a long list, of Rockstar secrets and Easter Eggs that are scattered throughout the game.

Image credits: Rockstar

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