How to copy and buy other GTA Online players’ cars in next-gen update

Hamza Khalid
GTA Online vehicle

GTA V’s next-gen update edition comes with a neat feature that allows you to copy and purchase replicas of GTA Online custom vehicles.

The next-gen version of GTA V has finally arrived, and players are taking the time to explore many of the major and minor changes that are now available in the game, including those in GTA Online.

One new feature that has been particularly well-received by players is the ability to copy and purchase other GTA Online players’ custom cars, without having to make a trip to Los Santos Customs.

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How to buy other players’ cars in GTA V next-gen update

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Having your own highly customized ride is one of the most fun aspects of GTA Online, and now the next-gen edition of GTA V has brought new opportunities for you to expand your collection of vehicles.

Here’s how you can copy and buy other players’ cars:

  1. Log into GTA Online
  2. Head to a car meet
  3. Find a player’s vehicle that you like
  4. Run up to the vehicle
  5. Press square to purchase it for yourself

While that sounds easy enough, it’s worth keeping in mind that custom cars can be particularly expensive, so you’ll need to have the right amount of cash at hand. If you need help with that then you can check out our guide on how to earn money fast in GTA Online.

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Owners that get their cars copied and purchased by other players in the next-gen edition of GTA V will receive a coupon for a free upgrade at Hao’s Workshop. This is a fun change that will allow players to pick up their favorite cars much quicker.

The next-gen version of GTA V also features some other benefits for players to enjoy, including 4K resolution, 60 FPS, faster load times, and some exclusive vehicles that you can cruise around in.

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