Genshin Impact Arlecchino: Release date, abilities, constellation, more

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Arlecchino in Elemental Burst

Arlecchino will be playable in Genshin Impact in the upcoming update, and HoYoverse have debriefed her kit. So, here’s everything about The Knave in Genshin Impact.

The upcoming Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact will see plenty of new additions to the game—a brand-new area, banners, bosses, and much more. Headlining it all is the long-anticipated Arlecchino, a twisted member of the equally twisted group of The Eleven Fatui Harbingers. 

Here are all the details on Arlecchino’s kit in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino release date

Arlecchino in Genshin Impact is confirmed to be released in phase 1 of version 4.6, which starts on April 24, 2024

Genshin Impact Arlecchino element & weapon

Arlecchino in Genshin Impact will use Pyro vision, and as for the weapon, she’ll be wielding a Polearm

Her signature weapon is called Crimson Moon’s Semblance, and whenever Arlecchino wields it, the polearm will be turned into a scythe during her normal attacks. In terms of stats, Crimson Moon’s Semblance has a sub-stat of CRIT Rate, and passive grants Bond of Life after a charged attack and DMG bonus during the Bond of Life state. 

Genshin Impact Arlecchino kit

Arlecchino in Genshin Impact will be a Pyro DPS, and her kit revolves around a rather unique ‘Bond of Life’ mechanic. Here are all her leaked abilities and talents: 

Normal Attack

Arlecchino’s Normal Attack has two states: a normal one and an infusion one.

  1. The normal one has your standard range of Polearm attacks.
  2. The infusion one is called “Masque of the Red Death.” In her infusion state, she’ll have a different style of attack. You enter this state after you have a Bond of Life greater than 30% of her max HP, and performing an attack during this state will consume a certain (7.5%) amount of the current Bond of Life.

Arlecchino also has a unique hold charged attack, it’ll give her high-speed movement that’ll have her hover in the air for 5s.

Normal Attack stats (talent level 10):

  • Masque of the Red Death Increase: 238% 
  • 1-Hit DMG: 93.9% 
  • 2-Hit DMG: 103% 
  • 3-Hit DMG: 129.3% 
  • 4-Hit DMG: 73.4%+73.4% 
  • 5-Hit DMG: 138.3% 
  • 6-Hit DMG: 168.8% 
  • Charged Attack DMG: 179.5% 
  • Charged Attack Stamina Cost: 25 
  • High-Speed Movement Stamina Cost: 40/s
  • Plunge DMG: 126.4% 
  • Low/High Plunge DMG: 2

Elemental Skill (All is Ash)

In her Elemental Skill, she dashes forward to summon Balemoon Bloodfire, dealing AoE Pyro DMG. Once her dash hits an opponent, Arlecchino will clean any Bond of Life that was applied to her. 

When her Elemental Skill hits an opponent, they’ll be marked with a “Blood-Debt Directive” state. The following debuff will be applied to opponents:

  • Deals one instance of Pyro DMG every 5 seconds, up to two times.
  • Arlecchino will absorb the effect herself when she performs her charged attack or Elemental Burst on affected enemies. This absorption will grant her a Bond of Life worth 65% of her maximum HP. A Bond of Life worth 145% of her Max HP can be gained this way, every 35s. The cap on Bond of Life is refreshed after Arlecchino performs her Elemental Skill again.

Elemental Skill stats (talent level 10):

  • Spike DMG: 26.7%
  • Cleave DMG: 240.4%
  • Blood-Debt Directive DMG: 57.2%
  • CD: 30s

Elemental Burst (Balemoon Rising)

Deals AoE Pyro DMG absorbing and clearing Blood-Debt Directives around her and heals her. It’ll also reduce the Cooldown of her Elemental Skill.

Elemental Burst stats (talent level 10):

  • Skill DMG: 666.7%
  • Amount of HP Restored: 150% Bond of Life +150% ATK
  • CD: 15s
  • Energy Cost: 60

Passives talents

  • The Balemoon Alone May Know: Arlecchino can only be healed through her Elemental Burst and will gain a 40% Pyro DMG Bonus during combat.
  • Agony Alone May Be Repaid: Defeating enemies in the Blood-Debt Directive effect of Elemental Skill will grant Arlecchino a Bond of Life worth  130% of her Max HP. 5s after a Directive is applied, it will be upgraded to a Blood-Debt Due. When absorbed, it will instead grant Arlecchino a Bond of Life worth 130%.
  • Strength Alone Can Defend: For every 100 ATK over 1,000, Arlecchino will gain 1% of all Elemental and Physical RES. Max 20%.

Arlecchino Constellations

  • C1: Her infused normal attack state is further enhanced, the value of the increase is 100% and will increase her resistance to interruption.
  • C2: Directly start with Blood-Debt Due effect (Agony Alone May Be Repaid passive). When she absorbs the due, a flare of Balemoon Bloodfire will be fired dealing 900% of her ATK as AoE Pyro DMG.
  • C3: Increase Normal Attack level by 3.
  • C4: After a successful absorption of a Blood-Debt Directive, Elemental Burst’s CD will be decreased by 2s and she will have 15 Energy restored to her.
  • C5: Increases Elemental Burst level by 3.
  • C6: Whenever Arlecchino performs her Elemental Skill, she’ll gain a 10% CRIT Rate and 70% CRIT DMG for all her Normal Attacks for 20s. Additionally, her Elemental Burst damage is increased by Arlecchino’s ATK multiplied by 700% of her current Life Bond percentage.

That’s everything known so far about Arlecchino’s kit and release in Genshin Impact. For more on the game Impact, check out:

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