Who is the three legged woman in Sons of the Forest? How to make Virginia your companion

sons of the forest three legged woman

Sons of the Forest players may stumble across a three legged woman during their first few days of survival. Here’s who the 3 legged woman is and how you can make her your new companion in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is all about survival, so having a friend to help you gather materials, get food, and clear areas is vital to success. While many players will likely have help through multiplayer, luckily Endnight Games have also included a handy companion AI system in the game to help players.

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While Kelvin is provided to players straight from the Helicopter crash, some may encounter one of the game’s other AI companions very early on, Virginia.

Here’s our guide on Virginia in Sons of the Forest, also known as the three legged woman, so that you can make her your companion.

Who is the three legged woman in Sons of the Forest?

Virginia Puffton is the name of the three legged woman in Sons of the Forest and she is the daughter of the billionaire you have been tasked to find on the island.

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Virginia has been missing for 31 weeks and is only 20 years old. Clearly, Virginia has mutated to have three legs and three arms. She may have scared you on your playthrough, but she is harmless and will simply run away when chased.

However, there is a way to befriend Virginia and make her your companion.

Virginia is one of Sons of the Forest’s AI companions.

How to make Virginia three legged woman your companion in Sons of the Forest

Follow these steps to make the three legged woman Virginia your companion in Sons of the Forest:

  1. First, find the three legged woman around the starting area.
  2. She is quite nervy, so approach with caution and unequip any weapons.
  3. You must meet her a few times before she is comfortable enough to be your companion.
  4. Eventually, as long as you don’t attack her, keep repeating the process of being cautious and walking up to her until she finally starts following you.
  5. Unlike Kelvin, she will not take commands, but you can drop her weapons to use, making her great help in combat.

As Virginia has three arms, she can actually use two weapons at once, making her extremely strong in battle and in defense of your base.

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Image Credits: Endnight Games

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