All Sons of the Forest companions: What they do & how to get them

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Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest throws you into a dangerous environment filled with threats, and you can get a few companions to join you on your quest to survive. Here are all the Sons of the Forest companions and how to find them.

Your main goal in Sons of the Forest is survival as you try to get off a mutant-infested island while making use of different resources to stay alive, and you won’t have to go on this journey alone.

During your adventures on the island, you’ll come across a few characters that can become your companions. If you’re wondering how many many companions are in Sons of the Forest then we’ve got you covered.

How many companions are in Sons of the Forest?

There are two different companions in Sons of the Forest, as you can get Kelvin and Virginia to join you on your journey. Once you have them as companions, they can be given different tasks to complete.

This includes gathering resources that you need to survive and battling enemies. We’ll go over everything that you need to know about both characters and how you can get them to be your companions.


Kelvin is a soldier who lost his hearing in the helicopter crash, and you can get him as a companion early at the very start of Sons of the Forest by helping him get up from the wreckage.

Once he’s been recruited, he will follow your orders and will be a major asset in helping you survive on the island. The tasks he completes include collecting items, gathering resources, and building shelters.

kelvin in sons of the forest
Kelvin will follow your orders in Sons of the Forest.


Virginia is a three-legged woman who has been missing for 31 weeks. She will approach you in the wild, and you can get Virginia to be your companion by interacting with her a few times while unarmed.

She will not follow your commands as Kelvin does, but you can drop weapons that she can use to aid you in battles against enemies.

Virginia in Sons of the Forest
Virginia is one of Sons of the Forest’s AI companions.

That covers all of the AI companions that will tag along on your journey in Sons of the Forest.

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