Is Sons of the Forest multiplayer? How to play with friends

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Survival horror games like Sons of the Forest can scare the wits out of you, which is why you might want to try it out with friends. Here’s everything we know about multiplayer in Sons of the Forest and how you can play with friends.

Co-op survival games are still as big as ever, which was proved by the instant success of Palworld. In February, players can get their hands on Nightingale and Sons of the Forest.

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While Nightingale focuses more on hunting creatures, Sons of the Forest gives you a clear goal of finding the billionaire and surviving the hostile locals. Doing so alone can very well be too intimidating, and if you your friends to accompany you, here’s everything we know Sons of the Forest multiplayer.

Does Sons of the Forest have multiplayer?

Sons of the Forest does officially have multiplayer, as players can team up with up to 8 friends in order to survive, build, and explore the remote island. Players can also injure and kill one another, so make sure you keep your co-op partners on your side.

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As well as this, although it’s technically not multiplayer, Sons of the Forest has AI companions that can help you out on your journey, to make the solo experience less lonely. If you’d prefer to not have an AI companion to make the playthrough harder, you can simply kill them to cut ties.

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Sons of the Forest also offers AI companions.

How to play with friends in Sons of the Forest

Similarly to the game’s predecessor, players can play with their friends in Sons of the Forest by choosing Multiplayer at the main menu.

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Choose Multiplayer at the main menu of the game and select “Peer to Peer,” which allows you to play with up to 8 friends. You can host or join a game. If you wish to play with more players, you can run a dedicated server through Steam.

Sons of the Forest will launch exclusively on PC, so you’ll also need to meet the recommended or minimum requirements to play with friends.

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