Where to find Sparkit in Palworld: Location & how to catch

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Sparkit in Palworld

Sparkit is an adorable Electric-type Pal in Palworld that is especially useful for low-level players. So if you’re looking to add it to your collection, here’s where to find Sparkit in Palworld, including the best ways to catch it.

The Palpagos Islands in Palworld are home to a large variety of Pals, and all of them fall under a specific class. This includes Electric-type Pals which are ideally used for powering your base or taking on Water element Pals. For players just starting out on their journey, Sparkit is a solid Electric Pal to capture and use at your base.

The yellow-colored Pal comes with three different Work Suitability traits which makes it good for resource production and generating electricity. So if you’re looking to catch it in volume, here’s where to find Sparkit in Palworld and the best ways to catch it.

Sparkit location in Palworld

Palworld Sparkit locations
Sparkit can be found in multiple locations.

Sparkit can be found at two different locations in Palworld, with the first being the Twilight Dunes region present near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point. The second location is the area around the Desolate Church and towards the center of Windswept Hills. You can check out both areas during the day or night and easily find the Pal wandering about.

Alternatively, you can also breed Sparkit through an Electric Egg using combinations like:

  • Lambell x Pengullet
  • Jolthog x Cremis
  • Jolthog + Vixy
  • Hangyu + Foxparks

Best way to catch Sparkit in Palworld

The best way to catch Sparkit in Palworld is by using Ground-type Pals such as Gumoss, Rushoar, Dumud, and Hangyu. In truth, Sparkit shouldn’t cause you many problems as it is a relatively weak Pal and can be downed quite easily.

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