2K could be making the next FIFA & players already fear the worst

Aryan Singh
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2K Games are reportedly in talks to develop the next FIFA game leaving some fans excited and others worried.

2K Games, the devs behind popular sports titles including NBA 2K24, WWE 2K24, and TopSpin 2k25, are reportedly in line to secure the coveted FIFA license. If true, this could result in a new FIFA-skinned football simulation game to rival EA’s dominant EA Sports FC.

The news emerged following an X post by Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw who claimed that FIFA and 2K could announce a partnership to create an official FIFA-licensed game in the future, according to rumors. While there is no way to confirm whether such a project is in the works, reports have suggested that the game could land in time for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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2023 saw a public breakup between FIFA and EA Sports, leaving the popular FIFA video games franchise in limbo. While EA went to on rebrand their signature football sim experience with EA FC 24, FIFA refrained from confirming the developers for the next game in the series.

According to recent reports, the governing body appears to have chosen 2K to continue their football sim franchise. As per creator ‘Chuboi’ on X, some ex-FIFA developers from EA have even jumped ship to 2K which certainly adds more weight to these rumors.

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Community reactions to the news were divisive, to say the least. Many were relieved to see EA FC face some much-needed competition, while others approached the news with a critical angle

They quickly mentioned the prominent issues found in 2K’s sports games with an X user saying.”Having faith in 2K is not gonna do you any good. 2K is undoubtedly worse when it comes to greed.”

The primary concern among fans looked to be around the company’s monetization policies, as seen in the NBA 2K games. One X user even stated that “2K could be cooking the worst football game of all time soon. I’m no EA fan, but 2K is significantly worse and even more severe in P2W.”

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EA FC 24 is currently the only real option on the market, so it would be interesting to see how 2K go about making a football simulation game. But before all that, fans are eagerly awaiting any sort of official announcement on the subject.

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