What is a corporate Job in BitLife? All corporate jobs & requirements

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Corporate jobs in BitLife

There are many jobs in BitLife but if your goal is to study hard and make money, you should be aiming for a corporate job. Here’s everything to know about corporate jobs in BitLife and the procedure to get them.

One of the biggest reasons why BitLife is so popular is the abundance of content. The variety of professions you can take up in this life simulation game compels players to think twice before making a choice related to their education and profession.

There are over 25 types of jobs in BitLife and each type offers unique positions. One such type is corporate and it lets you become a Financial Analyst, CEO, Insurance Agent, and several other things.

If you’re interested in taking up a corporate job in BitLife, use this guide to know about the highest-paying corporate jobs and how to get them.

Watchman, Doctor, Chef, and other jobs in BitLife

What are corporate jobs in BitLife?

A corporate job in BitLife places the player in a large corporation where they need to work hard for promotions. You can easily identify these jobs in the Careers section as they have a Corporate tag right next to them.

Most corporate jobs in BitLife require players to graduate from a university. The highest corporate positions are even harder to bag as you have to graduate from business school to get them.

List of Corporate jobs in BitLife and how to get them

Here’s a list of all the corporate jobs in BitLife and the requirements to get them:

  • Jr. Internal Auditor – Upper Secondary School
  • Sr. Internal Auditor – University and experience as Internal Auditor
  • Internal Auditor – University
  • Jr. Financial Analyst – University
  • Financial Analyst – University
  • Sr. Financial Analyst – University and experience as Financial Analyst
  • Jr. Computer Programmer – University
  • Computer Programmer – University
  • Sr. Computer Programmer – University and experience as Computer Programmer
  • Insurance Agent – Upper Secondary School
  • Environmental Scientist – University
  • Stockbroker – University
  • Operations Analyst – University
  • Database Administrator – University
  • Lobbyist – University
  • Biotechnologist – University
  • Microbiologist – University
  • Architect – University
  • Business Analyst – University
  • Accountant – University
  • IT Support – University
  • Apprentice Telemarketer – none
  • Telemarketer – none
  • Receptionist – Upper Secondary Schools
  • Factor Worker – none
  • Janitor – none
  • Engineer – University
  • Translator – University
  • Engineering Manager – University
  • Director of Engineering – University and experience as an engineer
  • Assistant Vice President – Business School
  • First Vice President – Business School
  • Senior Vice President – Business School
  • Executive Vice President – Business School
  • Managing Director – Business School
  • President – Business School

As you’ll notice from the initial jobs on this list, almost every corporate job has three levels and you can get an entry-level job based on your education. Thereafter, you can get to better positions through work experience.

The best corporate job is easily the CEO, and here’s a detailed guide to becoming a CEO in BitLife.

People with different jobs in BitLife

This was everything to know about corporate jobs in BitLife. For similar content on Jobs in BitLife, check out how to be an actor and a model.

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