Palworld: How to assign jobs to Pals?

Souhardya Choudhury
Player and a Pal in Palworld

Building a base in Palworld is just the beginning as you will have to turn it into a formidable shelter for you and your Pals. However, it is impossible to achieve this alone, so here’s how you can assign jobs to your Pals in Palworld.

As the year moves on, more and more people have begun to acknowledge Palworld as one of the biggest releases of 2024. After attracting millions of players with its Minecraft and Pokemon-inspired gameplay, many have already begun building and upgrading their bases.

Catching Pals and building your own base only scratches the surface of what Palworld has to offer. To make your character and base stronger, you will need to put in a lot of work which can get a bit inconvenient without some help from your trusty Pals.

Here’s how you can assign jobs to Pals in your base in Palworld.

How to manually assign tasks to your Pals in Palworld

You can assign jobs to your Pals by simply throwing them at the work site in Palworld. Yes, you will have to literally pick them up and throw them at the site to make them work at the building or the unfinished project.

In Palworld, each and every Pal has a set of definite skills that you will have to be aware of. Similarly, each task in the game involves a certain skillset to be completed, and your desired Pal for that job must possess that exact skill.

For example, for working on a Logging Site, you will need Pals that have the Lumbering skill such as Eikthyrdeer, Lifmunk, and Wumpo. You won’t achieve results on a Logging Site if you put an unsuitable Pal.

Palworld Anubis
Choosing the right Pal for suitable jobs is very important.

So, the exact steps to assign tasks to a Pal are:

  1. Choose your desired Pal witht he right skillset adn approach it in your base.
  2. Simply lift it by pressing the Lift button on your controller
  3. Drop it at the site of work

How to for assign tasks with Palbox in Palworld

You can simply interact with your Palbox and assign jobs from there to your Pals in Palworld. To do this, place them in the tab that has the worker Pals to spawn them in your base. This is a much more viable way of accomplishing your goals once you have built up a large collection of Pals.

Once you have levelled up enough in Palworld, you will need to build a Palbox to upgrade your capacity of loading Pals. As you start catching loads of Pals, you will find that only a handful will roam around in your base, while the others will remain in the Palbox.

How to automatically assign Pal tasks in Palworld

You can pick a Pal up who is already in a task in Palworld and drop them in an open area to put them into Automatic Work Mode. This will make them pick another job that is most suitable to their skills.

If you want to skip the hassle of digging deep into each Pal’s skillset and abilities, you can simply do this and see for yourself which Pal picks what job in your base.

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