All State of Survival codes for free Biocaps, wood, gas, & more in September 2023

Udit Surve
State of Survival thumbnail featuring its logo and various heroes in the background.FunPlus

In State of Survival, codes are very useful as they give you resources like Biocaps, wood, gas, and more for free. To never miss out on these freebies, you can use this list of active State of Survival codes in September 2023.

Inspired by the likes of Undead World Hero Survival and The Day Before, State of Survival is a mobile game that lets you fight zombies and build your base in a post-apocalyptic world. You will have to manage your resources, train your survivors, and form alliances with other players all while facing rival factions and completing missions and events in the story mode.

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State of Survival is not just a zombie shooter, it is a survival strategy game that challenges your skills and choices. To help you advance faster, you can redeem codes that give you free food, speedup, wood, and more.

On that note, here’s a list of State of Survival codes for freebies in September 2023.

State of Survival heroes fighting hordes of zombies.FunPlus
The infected in State of Survival range from level 1 to level 30.

All working State of Survival codes in September 2023

Here are the working State of Survival codes that will reward you with free Biocaps, gas, metal, construction speedups, and more in September 2023:

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  • S9B5397B85A6 Rewards 
  • S7D56DEBDDCB Rewards 
  • S7779006439A Rewards 
  • survival777 Rewards
  • getlucky Rewards 
  • sosxggj Rewards 
  • sosXamazon Rewards 
  • SaveTheAmazon Rewards
  • DOFINALS23 Rewards 
  • eliminationrounds Rewards 
  • sos2023 Rewards 
  • TOURNAMENT2023 Rewards 
  • MODSTHANKU Rewards 
  • theguru – Rewards 
  • PCVersionXApr Rewards (PC only)
  • Doomsdayqualifiers – Rewards 
  • sosramadan2023 – Rewards 
  • FollowiGGlobal – Rewards
  • PCVersionXMar – Rewards (PC only)
  • sos5off – Free Resources
  • PCVERSION2023 – 300x Biocap, 50k Metal, 50k Food, 50k Wood, and 3x 1 hour Speedup (PC only)
  • Behemothsos1 – Free Resources 
  • break1 – Free Resources
  • wegothedistance – Free Resources 
  • 2023START – Free Resources 
  • loveChareyna – Free Resources 
  • GorillaLove – Free Resources (New players only)
  • ThanksAllSurvivors – Free Resources
  • DECSVSTEST10UTC – Free Resources
  • sos1234 – Free Resources (New players only)

Some of the above codes may not work as they are only for new accounts.

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All expired State of Survival codes in September 2023

These State of Survival codes have expired as of September 2023:

  • MerrySOS 
  • sosxggj 
  • sosXamazon 
  • SaveTheAmazon 
  • DalmaZerosAll 
  • PCVersionXApr 
  • Doomsdayqualifiers 
  • FollowIGSoSEN 
  • FollowiGGlobal 
  • Behemothsos1 
  • happynewyearkr2023s 
  • break1 
  • wegothedistance 
  • 2023START 
  • loveChareyna 
  • kuchentvsos 
  • SOSNiko
  • darylsos
  • 1028GLHF 
  • sos5off 
  • ProjectDominion1205
  • reservoirleague1119 
  • sosholidaykms 
  • merrychristmassos 
  • Holidayfun 
  • lovekira 
  • Devsos1 
  • Devsos 
  • Happy2023Survivors 
  • Behemoth1023 
  • ThanksAllSurvivors 
  • AnniversaryFest1004
  • thefriendstories
  • AnniversarySoS 
  • SE4637B3AE1B 
  • tukimi909 
  • HappyAnniversary 
  • MMsos4 
  • Anniversary2days 
  • 3days 
  • bannka831 
  • assignmentsos8 
  • Maddiefrank2022 
  • zenyasai 
  • SoSSummerFun 
  • ForeverTrident

How to redeem State of Survival codes

Players can redeem their State of Survival codes by clicking on the Gift Redemption button which is located in the game’s settings. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it:

  1. Open the game and head to the Settings menu.
  2. Click on the Gift Redemption button and enter a code from the list above.
  3. Click on Redeem and your rewards will arrive in your mailbox immediately.

We suggest you copy-paste the codes in order to avoid any typos as they are case-sensitive.

That’s all about State of Survival codes. If you are interested in more content like this, have a look at:

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