Once Human codes (July 2024)

Aryan Singh
Character firing at a monster in Once Human

You can never have enough resources in the grueling world of Once Human, which makes it worth grabbing free rewards through redeemable codes. The third-person shooter pits players against spooky monsters of all shapes and sizes, making it important to stock up on things like Adrenaline Shots, Energy Links, and more.

If you’re looking for some free rewards, here are all of the active codes in July 2024.

Active Once Human codes

  • OnceHumanTBG: 300x Energy Link, 2x Activator, 1x Adrenaline Shot
  • OnceHuman0710: Camouflage (Vehicle skin color)
  • fcnx8nhxj7: 300x Energy Link, 2x Activator, 1x Adrenaline Shot
  • tse86mh6n6: 40x Blueprint fragments: Old Huntsman, 3x Molotov Cocktails, 3x Grenades, 200x Stardust, 10x Gunpowder, 1x Life-Saver, 5x Activators, 5x Energy Drinks, 5x Canned Lunch Meat, 600x Energy Links

There are four active Once Human codes as of July 10, 2024. Make sure to claim them before they expire and return to this article in the future since we’ll be updating it with the latest codes.

How to redeem

  1. Launch Once Human, and press Escape or the on-screen pause button on mobile to open up the pause menu
  2. Select Shop Event and then navigate to the Events tab
  3. On the Events screen, press X or tap on the ‘Redeem Codes’ option to bring up the Code Redemption menu
  4. Type in your code and hit Redeem to get the rewards
Once Human Code Redemption screen
Type in codes carefully to avoid mistakes.

To access the Shop, you’ll need to progress past the tutorial which includes the Eve of Evolution quest. Once you’re done crafting materials and ammo, the Shop will become accessible. Keep an eye out for typos while inputting the code or you won’t be able to redeem them.

What are Once Human codes?

Once Human codes can be redeemed to receive free rewards like Blueprint fragments, Adrenaline Shots, Energy Links, Activators, and more. Some codes also offer cosmetic rewards such as vehicle skins. However, they have to be redeemed quickly since they have an expiration date.

How to get more codes

You can get more codes by following the devs’ official Facebook page, X account, and Discord server. They’ll drop new codes from time to time so you’ll need to keep an eye out. We also recommend bookmarking this page since we’ll be updating it with fresh codes once they drop.

Why are my codes not working?

Your codes might not work due to being invalid or having expired. Another reason behind them not working could be typos or errors while inputting the codes, which is why we suggest copying them from the source and pasting them directly into the text box.

If you’re at the beginning of your journey in Once Human, it’s worth knowing how to change worlds and the current server status of the game.