State of Survival tips: Beginner’s guide to increasing Battle Power, building, more

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State of Survival isn’t a regular zombie survival game in which you just shoot waves of enemies. There are unique aspects like collecting supplies and building a shelter and these State of Survival tips will help you progress efficiently.

Over the years, a ton of games have tried to replicate an apocalypse and encourage players to save the world by taking out huge waves of zombies. Despite the abundance of similar games, State of Survival stood out due to its building mechanics.

Alongside combat and building, strategy-making is also a key gameplay element in State of Survival. Although this amalgamation of genres sounds great, it often leads to confusion among beginners and sometimes, even veterans.

Here are some State of Survival tips that’ll help you increase your Battle Power and make those in-game hours more productive than ever.

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Most useful State of Survival tips for beginners


Do not leave your builder idle in State of Survival if you want to maximize progress. Even when you’re AFK, builders should be upgrading or building something new. This is something that you might ignore in the beginning but you can utilize/waste several hours with it.

If you’re a spender, purchasing a permanent additional builder is one of the best investments. Even as a F2P player, hiring temporary builders through Biocaps is great for boosting your shelter’s construction.

Base design in State of Survival

Join an alliance in State of Survival

Joining an active alliance is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in State of Survival. Doing so has a ton of benefits including:

  • Better rewards
  • Access to the settlement system that lets you take your shelter to the alliance’s settlement and protect it from powerful opponents.
  • Reduced construction, research, and training time.
  • Get extra packs for Raids and additional points for taking part in Alliance activities.
  • Alliance members can send reinforcements.
  • Purchase Service Badges from the Alliance Store.

Having said that, make sure that the alliance you join is full of active members. This way, you’ll always have someone to watch your back and reap the benefits mentioned above.

How to use the Talent Tree in State of Survival

The Talent Tree in State of Survival lets you buff your Economy or War. Beginners should start by choosing Economy and collecting as many resources as they can. Thereafter, once you’re ready to take on other players on the map, reset the Tree to War and make the most of your troops.

Constantly changing your Talent Tree is a great habit for any State of Survival player. This way, you’ll always get the buffs that best suit your playstyle.

Talent Tree in State of Survival

Hero Searches

State of Survival beginners have a tendency to waste the Advanced and Epic Hero Searches. It’s better to save and use them during events where you can earn points for Hero Searches.

As a free-to-play player, getting Points in events is an arduous task. However, if you have Hero Searches piled up, an event might reward you with many points. All in all, patience is the key here.

Training troops vs upgrading troops

Training and upgrading troops are two activities that can help you greatly during the Survival of the Fittest events. Upgrading gives more points but training troops is a task that comes back every time in these events.

For best results, you can train your troops during the weeks without any event in the game. Thereafter, upgrade the troops during events and collect a wide range of amazing rewards.

An event in State of Survival

Stockpile Advanced Relocators

After completing your daily missions in State of Survival, head to the Market Stall and check if you can trade an Advanced Relocator. If there’s a good deal available, take it without a doubt.

Advanced Relocators, as the name suggests, help you in setting up your base exactly where you want. They are important during events and might be useful even on a daily basis. You can also get them from the Alliance Shop.

Complete the main story in State of Survival

To effortlessly collect resources like combat manuals, badges, hero fragments, and gear in State of Survival, make sure to complete Explore Trail missions and other main quests. At the outset of your journey, resource collection is one of the primary tasks, and missing out on hero fragments and XP from these missions is a rookie mistake.

In a nutshell, progress in State of Survival largely depends on your ability to complete daily missions constantly and follow the tips mentioned above. As a F2P, your focus should be to collect as many points as possible from events by saving Hero upgrades and Hero searches.

Well, these were some State of Survival tips to help you on your journey. For similar content, check out how to get Collector’s Tokens in Marvel Snap, how to get bamboo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and how to air roll in Rocket League Sideswipe.

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