Marvel’s Spider-Man’s 2 max level suit for Peter branded “Insomniac’s biggest troll”

Joaquín Frere
Peter Parker in the symbiote suit fighting enemies

Fans on Reddit are calling out Insomniac after reaching max level with Peter in Marvel’s Spiderman 2. The criticism is not only over the “simple” design of Peter’s last suit but also towards some suits from the first game missing and some of them being “MCU related.”

The official Reddit for Insomniac’s Spider-Man games started a chain of criticism towards the company’s suit selection for Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. With a total of 64 suits available between the two protagonists, it seems that fans of the latest entry in Insomniac’s superhero video game universe are not happy with the last unlockable suit.

The conversation started on Reddit, and with a clear spoiler tag, the user “CazBrown” stated that “this being Peter’s max-level craftable suit may be Insomniacs’s biggest troll yet” alongside a photo of Peter’s last suit. Check it out at your own risk of spoilers below.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, suits can be unlocked by completing different main and side activities in New York. From leveling up using the mission’s experience rewards to completing side quests that unlock suits based on the comic books, the possibilities inside the friendly neighbor’s last video game are vast.

Miles Morales seems to have avoided the criticism, and fans state that the problem is with Peter and that his suits are “70% recycled or MCU based,” calling it a “bigger troll” than just the “simple form” of Peter’s last unlockable suit. Even when trying to guess from the black outline in the game what the suit would look like, user CazBrown said that when he finally saw it, his jaw “genuinely hit the floor.”

With a lot of content to unlock and many activities to complete on Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s plenty to like and dislike. If you want to catch up with more on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, check out our Symbiote Nests complete guide, or how players roasted another suit in the selection.

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