Palworld players roast “dumbest ever” Pal type in game

Souhardya Choudhury
Palworld player with a Pal

Palworld players have pointed fingers at one Pal type that they consider to be the “dumbest ever” in the game.

Palworld seems to be the next big thing in the sandbox community as it has generated a massive audience since its release. Inspired by both Minecraft and Pokemon, Pocketpair have successfully put together the best features of the two worlds in this title.

Even though some Pals in the game have gained a massive fan following due to their appearance and skills, some players have pointed out one class they are not very fond of.

Reddit user ‘aerozona47’ posted on the Palworld subreddit about this as they claimed that “cooling Pals are the dumbest ever” in the game. The OP further clarified their opinion: “You have one easy job, how do you end up not cooling the cooler after a while?”

Many others suggested an alternative to the OP as they claimed that the “Ice hedgehog is clutch,” indicating that Jolthog Cryst is one of the best at the job. Despite being a starter Pal, players believed that it was a “top-tier” option for cooling in Palworld.

Some even suggested that the fridges should “just be powered” due to the presence of a circuit board so that players could “put the Ice Pals away” in Palworld, while others thought that the entire cooling mechanic in the game “needs to be revamped” from scratch.

Others were left confused with the task priority system in Palworld as they could not understand how Pengullets could not be assigned to a cooler even with the cooling ability. Some even stopped using refrigerators completely in the game and started to “just cook big amounts of food on different pots.”

“I stopped using coolers/fridges. Waste of a pal slot to keep it cool and the stack timer does a good enough job as it is,” added one player as well.

Pocketpair are yet to address this issue explicitly, but with so many players voicing their concerns regarding this issue, don’t be surprised to see a patch dropped about it soon.

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