Palworld player discovers “brutal” truth about Pals

Lucas Simons
Palworld Lyleen

A player has recently discovered a brutal truth about Palworld and shared with the community the definitive proof that Pals are not just “cute pets.”

Palworld is full of interesting experiences and game mechanics, but this colorful world hides a deeper storyline filled with harsh truths. Some players might even wonder about the place that human beings occupy in the Palpagos Islands‘ food chain.

Pals might be seen as cute pets at first sight, but they can be tremendously powerful, and some of them can wipe your entire base if you let them. So, as Pal trainers, humans need to be extra careful and learn how to defend themselves from wild Pal attacks.

And even though you can use Pal parts for food and for crafting, things are not as simple as that. A Palworld player just found definitive proof that humans are not, as a matter of fact, the Apex Predator in the game, and shared it with the Reddit community.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘vinayyy-n28’ in the Palworld subreddit, along with the statement: “Pals eat humans, lol. He just ate 3 of them in front of me.” Some players immediately responded to this by stating that they suspected something like that but never witnessed it before.

One of them went as far as to say: “Those pals in the starting cutscene, they weren’t checking to see if you were ok.” A player already familiar with this behavior expressed: “It was really eerie what I witnessed the first night a Cawgnito performed this.”

Meanwhile, another player might have seen the truth far earlier than others and said: “The first person you meet tells you this. They state that pals are Savage monsters that ate all her friends and comrades. The only reason you think they are innocent is because they are cute.”

So there you have it, the world of Palworld isn’t as simple as it seems and Pals would eat you without doubting if they had a chance.

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