Is Once Human down? Current server status

Max Candelarezi
Once Human gameplay screenshot

Once Human is a free-to-play survival game that allows players to jump into an open-world multiplayer map, which requires a constant server connection – even if you choose to play solo.

Since many players worldwide log into the game simultaneously, the servers could face issues. Here’s the latest server status update.

Are Once Human servers down?

Once Human servers are online and running, Starry Studio haven’t shared any concerns about potential issues affecting the game’s online connectivity.

Given that game launches often carry connection difficulties due to the increase in player count, the server status may fluctuate.

So, if you’re experiencing connection problems, be sure to check your internet settings to confirm everything is functioning properly. This includes reviewing your internet speed and company service status, as well as restarting your router if necessary.

Be sure to check back in to know if the servers go down or undergo any maintenance.

How to check server status

To stay up to date on the server status, check the game’s Steam page, X account, Subreddit, and Discord.

The developers usually share any issues the game might be experiencing through social media channels, keeping players informed about downtime and providing updates on important matters, including connection errors.

Also, you can bookmark this page to check for the latest server status updates regularly.

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