NHL 24 players slam early access launch: “You have destroyed the game”

Franco Diaz
NHL 24 referee beginning a match

The NHL community is furious with EA Sports after the NHL 24 early access release, and they point out that the errors in each game mode have ruined the only ice hockey game available.

The release date of a game is the most anticipated day for its community, who have been eagerly awaiting to try out the new features, as well as for the development team, who have worked hard and hope to see a positive response from their fans.

However, this has not been the case for NHL 24. NHL fans strongly criticized EA Sports after the early access release of NHL 24, pointing out that the glitches “remain the same” and that many of the new features are “annoying.”

Montour tackling Pietrangelo in Madden 24.
The NHL community slams a lot of NHL 24 features.

Fans claim that NHL 24 is a “worse version of NHL 23”

After playing the NHL 24 early access for several hours, fans raised their voices and complained about the final result delivered by EA Sports, primarily focusing on some new features as well as the countless glitches they encountered.

Several Reddit users outlined point by point the main issues they found on the new NHL 24, and among the main criticisms are the WOC Battle Pass being “absolutely unnecessary“, a Creation Zone filled with glitches that force players to recreate their players basically from scratch, and much more.

Another strong criticism from the community was aimed at the contract adjustment format, primarily in the salary tab. You can only increase or decrease the total salary amount using the sticks or arrows, but for each scroll, the amount increases by 0.005 million.

One user claimed that it took them around a minute to add $1 million of salary to a contract or extension, and they stated that this is “one of the most annoying things ever.”

These were the main points of criticism from fans regarding NHL 24. EA Sports will surely take these comments into account and work to improve the gaming experience. It wouldn’t be the first time developers have worked based on community feedback in the franchise, so fans might expect new announcements regarding adjustments and changes.

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