Need for Speed fans start “#WeWantNFS” trend as EA seemingly abandons series for Battlefield

Aakash Regmi
Nedd For Speed Ubound vehicle driftingEA

EA have become increasingly weary of their racing games, with the publisher axing multiple long-running franchises and laying off several racing-focused development teams. Now, as they move their major studio behind Need for Speed to Battlefield, fans are feeling nervous about the future of NFS.

On September 20, EA announced that Criterion, the studio currently leading development for their arcade racer, will primarily support Battlefield, leaving a skeleton crew behind to focus on Need for Speed games.

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Details on the future of NFS still remain murky, fueling tension within the player base, who have assumed that the publisher has as good as abandoned the franchise. All in an effort to save the Battlefield series following the release of Battlefield 2042, which scored negatively in both critical and fan reception.

EA has EA Sports WRC slated later this year from Codemasters, but since the acquisition of the developer, EA canned the next Project Cars, and with WRC being the future for Codemasters, the DiRT series will be off the grid for the foreseeable future. Fearing the same fate for Need For Speed, players have stirred up a new “We Want NFS” movement.

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two cars racing in nfs unboundEA
The lastest NFS game, NFS Unbound, was released last year.

The We Want NFS Movement is picking up the heat

It appears the “We Want NFS” movement was first started by YouTuber “Korrmotive.” Ever since multiple big racing game-focused creators have chimed in, and plenty of posts keep flooding in using #WeWantNFS on X (formerly Twitter).

Another fan wrote, “I truly enjoying Unbound to this day, but pulling off studious hurts both franchises. We need game to be fully developed, it cannot be the case while pulling studio for deferent project even with +1 year of development. And dont throw away driving effects.” Many penned their love for the franchise and have vented frustration on EA’s move.

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Past the release of the latest Need for Speed, NFS Unbound, players were already worried about the future, as the game didn’t light up sales charts and had a lukewarm critical reception.

EA themselves didn’t advertise NFS Unbound much, announcing it less than two months before the official release. Although the noise of the movement remains faint, with the dwindling popularity of the franchise, there is slight optimism in the community that EA will budge and address the call from the community to make Need for Speed their primary focus.

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There is still some hope left that the core team at Criterion that remains on NFS, which also includes several people from Codemasters, could get the NFS series back to its once-renowned heights. For more on other racing games, check out:

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