All EA Sports WRC game modes: Career, Multiplayer, Moments, more

Car racing through woods in EA Sports WRCEA Sports

Codemasters, the creators of EA Sports WRC, have released information about every mode that will be available before the game launches on November 3.

EA Sports WRC, the 17th installment in the World Rally Championship, is being developed by Codemasters, the racing game maestros behind the Dirt Rally and F1 series. So far, we’ve had two deep dives, and while the first one focused on gameplay details, the last one provides us with an overview of every game mode.

The upcoming rally sim has already been confirmed to include 78 cars from various eras of the sport, as well as VR support. Here are all the confirmed game modes for EA Sports WRC, along with everything we currently know about them.

All modes available in EA Sports WRC on launch

Career Mode

EA Sports WRC Career Mode diffrent difficultyEA Sports
EA Sports WRC will have team branding, including name and colors.

It wouldn’t be a WRC game without a Career Mode and EA Sports WRC does not miss out on it. The Career Mode in EA Sports WRC is a mix of what we’ve seen elsewhere as well as several new elements. The Career Mode starts with a humble beginning; you’ll assemble a team of your own on rented grounds with the help of a benefactor.

Benefactor will provide you with certain objectives and goals that will give you cash upon completion, and these funds can be invested to grow your teams. If you perform well in races, the benefactor will increase their budget for future races.

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So far, there are three modes within EA Sports WRC‘s career mode that you can hop into. Here are those based on their difficulty level:

  1. FIA Junior WRC
  2. WRC2
  3. WRC

You can jump into WRC directly, but if you’re new to WRC and rally games, it is best to start with FIA Junior WRC.

Builder Mode

Builder Mode, as the name makes it apparent, is a car-building mode in EA Sports WRC. You start out by choosing the class, then the engine position, and what follows after is deep selections of mechanical parts followed by the interior. If you’re tight on budget, you can select a used part to cut corners.

Builder mode showing steering customisation in EA Sports WRCEA Sports
EA Sports WRC will let you customize body pins, lights, and air intakes.


EA Sports WRC will touch on the most iconic moments from the 50 years of the storied sport, all packed in the game mode called Moments. More of these will be added post-launch, although we don’t know how many of these are in the game or how much will be added past the release.

It’ll pit you in a specific car and in a specific situation, you’ll be given a goal based on the real-life heroic achievement of a particular event the game is trying to recreate.

All the events in Moments mode will have leaderboards and medals to earn.

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Regularity Rally

Similar to its real-life time-speed-distance (or TSD) rally counterpart, the main objective of the Regularity Rally in EA SPorts WRC is to drive at a specified speed throughout the course.

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You’ll have co-drivers detailing the road ahead as well as telling you whether you’re above or below the performance target.

Rally School

Rally School is a school, obviously, and will teach you all the basic mechanics of the game. It is essentially a tutorial, and you can target specific driving lessons across asphalt, gravel, or snow tracks.

Multiplayer modes 

Multiplayer modes menu in EA Sports WRCEA Sports
EA Sports WRC supports cross-platform multiplayer.

So far, Codemasters have confirmed that there are two multiplayer modes: Quick Play and Clubs. They are the same modes you’ve seen elsewhere in Codemasters racers or other racing games in general. The only notable fact is that Quick Play Multiplayer will have you compete in real-time rooms with up to 32 players.

Similar to DiRT Rally 2.0, you can create your own modes in Clubs and see who tops the leaderboard. Clubs do not support the Regularity Rally, however.

Time Trial

Time Trial is yet another popular DiRT Rally 2.0 game mode that is making its way to EA Sports WRC. Download the ghosts of other players and set your best times to climb the ranks on the global leaderboard.

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Quick Play Solo

Quick Play Solo allows you to create custom events of your own with the vehicle class, the number of stages, seasons, weather, and time of day.

It also allows you to create championships that mix Rally and Regularity Rally events. Or, choose a randomly generated Quick Play session in which the game will choose which classes and events are driven next.

Photo Mode

rally car with avax livery in ea sports wrcEA Sports
You can take cinematic screenshots with Photo Mode.

EA Sports WRC has added a much-requested feature to the game — Photo Mode. There is a selection of filters and frames in addition to the typical camera functions like exposure, shutter speed, brightness, contrast, and more.

You can access Photo Mode via the Replays available after each stage, and export images using the built-in screenshot tools on your console or PC.

Livery Editor & Customisation

Using the built-in livery editor, you can add decals and shapes, alter the color and finish, and select from a variety of base patterns.

EA Sports WRC also allows you to customize your driver model, and your co-driver will match the look. Choose from a variety of character models and equip them with a range of helmets, caps, gloves, and race suits. You can also unlock new gear via the Rally Pass by earning XP throughout the game.

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That’s all the modes we know so far that’ll be coming to EA Sports WRC. For more on other racing games, check out:

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