Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops: All collectible locations

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Peter Parker in the Symbiote Advanced Suit in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are one of the many collectibles you can engage and have fun with in New York. So here’s a full rundown of what Photo Ops in Spider-Man 2 are including where they are located.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers a faithful representation of New York for players to explore, making it an excellent platform for virtual sightseeing. The expansive area is a delight to navigate, thanks to the new Fast Travel ability available at the disposal of both Peter and Miles.

The vast streets of the city are far from empty, with Insomniac packing them with a bunch of activities and collectibles. Among the collectibles are the Photo Ops which are spots that are scattered around and you are tasked with capturing photos of them.

Here’s all about Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 including the rewards they offer and their locations.

Screenshot of one of the photo ops location in Astoria in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Players get to capture the heart of New York with Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

What are Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Photo Ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are collectibles scattered throughout the game. They are easy to interact with – simply swing into the designated area and you’ll be guided on where to aim your camera. The game features a total of 23 Photo Ops located across the city.

To capture a photo, swipe up on the touchpad, hold L2, and press R1 when the subject is centered in the frame. The captured image will then be sent to Robbie Robertson, who is interested in featuring these photos.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops rewards

Since Photo Ops are quick tasks, you get 150 XP and 2 City Tokens as rewards for each photo in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While this may look less, doing a Photo Op is still worth it since some extra City Tokens can help you upgrade or buy a new suit.

And if you get all the 23 photos, you’ll earn the New York, New York Trophy. In older titles, the reward was 100 XP and a hidden ESU suit that players would get after taking all 50 photos.

Spider-Man 2 map
Photo Ops are scattered all around New York City.

All Photo Ops locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Here are all the 23 Photo Ops locations in Spider-Man 2 along with a description of what you have to take a photo of:

LocationNo. of photosDescription
Harlem1Two men playing basketball on the southeastern side.
Upper West Side1People wearing Spider-Man masks on the northern part of the Upper West Side.
Central Park2People dancing near the stage at the southern end of Central Park.
A guy with signs describing aliens at the north of Central Park.
Upper East Side1Two people playing tennis on top of a building in the eastern part of the Upper East Side.
Hell’s Kitchen1Buskers playing square at the border between Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown.
Midtown2 People protesting at Oscorp Industries.
Man waiting for an audition at Radio City building.
Greenwhich2A man standing on a box close to the park.
Mural of flowers and brick, near the border between Greenwich and Midtown.
Chinatown2Two people playing chess in a park.
A food stall located at the coastline of Chinatown.
Financial District1A woman arguing with a taxi driver in the southern part of the Financial District.
Downtown Brooklyn3Two guys at a campfire on the western coastline.
Manhattan Bridge from the street between two redstone buildings.
A man at an eating challenge at the southeastern corner of the amusement park.
Williamsburg 1Party inside an old water tank located next to the building with a mural of Spider-Men at the northern section of the district.
Little Odessa3Two people playing frisbee across two buildings.
Street with shops and stalls in the north-west.
Two people dressed as Spider-Cats in the north of the district.
Downtown Queens1Jirji’s Hummus on the western coastline.
Astoria 2Man with a blue wrestling mask in the northwest part of the district.
People having a picnic on the island section of the district.

That was all about Photo Ops locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. For more on the game, take a look at:

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