Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha player cap means you probably won’t get in

Emily Stander
Black Panther in Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals devs have revealed details about the Closed Alpha, along with who gets to play and how many players they’re going to let in. For anyone outside of the US, it’s now become near impossible. 

The Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha is set to kick off on May 10, and the devs have announced that they’re only letting 30,000 players in with a focus on those from the US and Canada. 

Essentially, this means that anyone who registered for the Closed Alpha outside of these regions probably won’t be able to play this time around

In a blog post released by NetEase, the devs explained why they’ve decided on this. “As a matchmaking-based multiplayer game, where duration, server physical distance, and time zones shape the battlefield, a test boasting 30,000 contenders finds its true home in a single region.”

“As such, for this round, we’re focusing on the United States and Canada, where most sign-ups have poured in,” they continued. 

For anyone in the US and Canada, then, there is still a chance to be one of the 30,000 playtesters who get selected to try the brand-new superhero shooter out. All you need to do is register and make sure that your specs are up to standard. 

Players will be randomly selected for this Closed Alpha. If you get in, you’ll be able to give your feedback to the devs on how the game plays, any bugs you come across, and general pain points that may need fixing before release. 

For those outside of these regions, however, the time is not now. NetEase have confirmed that they will be having more of these testing phases in the future. So, there could be another chance to give it a try before it releases.