Is there split-screen in Helldivers 2? Local multiplayer explained

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Cooperative gameplay is at the heart of Helldivers 2, leading some players to wonder if the game supports couch co-op. With this in mind, here’s everything to know about couch co-op in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 is the sequel to 2015’s Helldivers, and the game improves on its predecessor in almost every department. The core premise of the third-person shooter remains the same, as it lets players team up to take on waves of enemies on alien planets. Helldivers can make use of a variety of weapons, and even deploy Stratagems to gain an edge on the battlefield.

Team dynamics play a significant role in the experience, and the game is best enjoyed while playing with friends. The shooter is confirmed to support crossplay and co-op, and some players might be wondering if it supports local multiplayer.

With this in mind, here’s everything to know about couch co-op in Helldivers 2.

Does Helldivers 2 have couch co-op?

At the moment of writing, Helldivers 2 does not support split-screen or couch co-op gameplay. This doesn’t mean the game won’t add the feature at a later date.

The game’s description on the PlayStation store offers no mention of split-screen or local co-op. The devs haven’t shared any plans to add the feature either, but we’ll keep you posted if the situation changes.

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Helldivers 2 is a PS5 and PC exclusive.

The first Helldivers featured couch co-op, but being a top-down shooter game, it was probably easier for developers to include the system. Helldivers 2 revamps the gameplay, making it a third-person shooter with spectacular graphics and visuals. This might get in the way of a split-screen mode, especially for four players.

For the moment, the only way to play Helldivers 2 with friends is online, with each player on their own system. If Helldivers 2 adds a split-screen mode, we’ll make sure to update this article.

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