Is Sons of the Forest on Xbox Game Pass?

Hamza Khalid
Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is finally coming out of Early Access and fans have been eagerly waiting for the full launch. If you want to try out the game before paying the full price, here’s everything we know about whether Sons of the Forest is available on the Xbox Game Pass.

The Forest franchise is back with the full release of Sons of the Forest after a long Early Access period. Alongside Palworld and Nightingale, you now have another open-world survival game to spend many hours in.

Sons of the Forest has improved a lot because of community feedback over the last year. There’s a new map, revised UI, increased crafting and building items, new weapons, weather, and a lot more.

While the game is confirmed to be available on a PC through Steam, here’s everything to know about its availability on other mediums like the Xbox Game Pass.

Is Sons of the Forest coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Currently, Sons of the Forest has not been confirmed to arrive on Xbox Game Pass and is only available on PC through Steam. This may be disappointing to Game Pass members who hoped to pick up the game through their membership.

This isn’t too surprising as the original, The Forest, did not release on the Xbox console and was initially available on a PC before later being added to the PlayStation 4. So, it’s possible that Sons of the Forest may never arrive on Game Pass.

sons of the forest character fighting cannibals
Cannibals are a major threat in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest entered early access for PC players on February 23, 2023. While it’s a sequel, the devs have made it clear that players don’t need to play The Forest to fully understand or enjoy this new title.

It’s set on a remote island that’s occupied by cannibals and dangerous mutants that are out to get you. Throughout the game, you’ll have to explore, gather, and craft everything that you need to survive.

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